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Governance and Compliance

Argus strives towards the highest possible standards in its business operations.

Assurance Review

Argus carries out independent assurance reviews annually for all its commodity benchmarks. Argus successfully completed its latest independent assurance review of its benchmarks in October 2017. You can download the review here


Argus uses a market-appropriate methodology to assess prices in the markets it covers. Argus consults with the range of participants involved in different markets and publishes methodologies for each price report on its website.

The latest methodology for each market can be found online.

Consultation and Review

Argus reviews each methodology regularly to ensure that it always meets the needs of market participants and is in line with industry practice. Argus seeks to reflect the way markets are traded, rather than impose its own view.

Editorial Code of Conduct

All Argus journalists operate according to a rigorous editorial code of conduct that aligns with best journalistic practice, including the avoidance of conflicts of interest.

 Or download the Editorial Code as a PDF

Compliance and Ethics

Argus operates a rigorous and transparent controls framework to govern its price reporting activities. This is underpinned by its global compliance policy, which can be downloaded below, and which includes an ethics policy and a business continuity plan. The company’s Global Compliance Officer oversees the compliance framework, including a rolling programme of internal audits to ensure compliance with stated methodologies and policies.

Or download the Argus Global Compliance Policy as a PDF


Argus has a formal Complaints’ Handling procedure, which can be found on page 6 of the global compliance policy.

email icon For further information on this policy and any compliance issues, please contact Argus at:

Regulatory Responses

Argus maintains an active public policy programme in order to keep abreast of relevant developments internationally. Argus regularly engages with policy-makers, regulators, governments and other industry bodies to promote transparent and efficient wholesale commodity markets.  Argus responses are published online.


Argus observes the IPRO Code, a set of industry guidelines and standards for independent price reporting organisations developed together with two other agencies, Platts and ICIS. Read the IPRO Code here.

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