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Argus Events

Forthcoming Events

23-25 February 2015

25-26 February 2015
Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics

4-5 March 2015
Argus European Emissions Markets

11 March 2015
Argus Australia and Global LNG Markets 2015

18-19 March 2015
Argus-ElitePlus++ India Oil and Gas Summit 2015

19-20 March 2015 
Argus Baltic Transportation and Logistics 2015

23-25 March 2015
Argus DeWitt Petrochemical Summit

24-26 March, 2015
Argus Americas Asphalt Summit

24-26 March 2015
China-Russia Oil and Gas 2015

14-16 April 2015
Argus European Biomass Trading

14-15 April 2015
Argus Asian LPG 2015

15-17 April 2015
Argus FMB Asia Fertilizer

23-24 April 2015
Argus LPG Moscow 2015

28-29 April 2015
Argus Asian Petroleum Coke 2015 - early bird rate valid till 10 February 2015

04-07 May 2015
Argus Middle East Crude 2015

11-13 May 2015
Argus Rio Oil Conference

12-13 May 2015
Argus Africa Base Oils and Lubricants

13 -15 May 2015
Argus US Natural Gas Markets 2015: Production Dynamics, Infrastructure and Pricing Trends 

20-21 May 2015
Argus East of Suez Oil Products 2015 

21-22 May 2015
Argus Neftetransport 2015

2-3 June 2015
Argus Mediterranean Solid Fuels

3-5 June 2015
Argus FMB NPK Fertilizers 2015

3-5 June 2015
Argus Americas Base Oils Summit

3-4 June 2015
Argus DeWitt MTBE and Blendstocks Conference

10-11 June 2015
Argus Europe Bitumen 2015

June 2015
Argus Canadian Crude Summit - pre-registration ends 17 April 2015

17-19 June 2015
Argus FMB East Europe Fertilizer

29 June - 1 July 2015
Argus Americas Rare Earths Summit

15-18 September 2015
Argus Americas Petroleum Coke Summit

16-17 September 2015
Argus Africa Storage and Logistics

3 October 2015
Argus DeWitt Olefins and Aromatics European Seminar

13 October 2015
Argus European Crude

20-21 October 2015
Argus Africa LPG

28-30 October 2015
Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer 2015, Barcelona 

24-25 November 2015
Argus European LPG Markets

20-22 January 2016
Argus Americas Crude Summit

27-29 January 2016
Fertilizer Latino Americano

You can also view events according to by regional location.

Argus Rio Oil Conference 2015

Join senior market participants and oil industry leaders from across Latin America to learn and exchange ideas at the annual from 11-13 May 2015 in Brazil.

Argus Rio Oil Conference

Learn moreMore information about the conference

Complimentary Americas 2015 Market Overviews

Argus has published a free series of Americas energy and commodity market overviews for 2015 to help outline the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Information Read more


Argus European Biomass Trading 2015

Join your peers at the premier European biomass conference on 14-16 April 2015 in London.

Argus European Biomass Trading 2015

Learn more about this conference