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In-depth conferences and events in Asia

25 September 2017
Argus Crude Forum, Asia Pacific 2017

10-12 October 2017
Argus Asia-Pacific and Middle East Bitumen 2017

14-15 November 2017
Argus LPG and Petrochemical Feedstocks 2017

11 December 2017
Argus LNG Value Chain Training: Market Dynamics, Procurement and Contract Management

Forthcoming Events 2018

January 2018
India Energy Week 2018

7-8 February 2018
Argus Biofuels Asia 2018

11-13 April 2018
Argus Asia Fertilizer 

24-26 April 2018
Argus Asian Petroleum Coke 2018

Join us from 15-17 August for a comprehensive market study of the petrochemical sector

Day One: MTBE and Methanol
Day Two: Petrochemical Training
Day Three: Aromatics

Argus DeWitt MTBE and Methanol Conference 2016 Image

Coming up on 10-12 October 2017 in Singapore. A premier event offering information and networking opportunities to facilitate your business objectives in 2018.

APME Bitumen 2016

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