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Argus East of Suez Oil Products Conference 2015

Outlook Icon Mark  29 to 30 June on your calendar for the third annual Argus East of Suez Oil Conference 2015.

Oil markets: prospects and limitations...

The recovery of global oil demand began late in 2014 and has continued this year. Despite a surge in refinery output, product margins are healthy indicating strength in global consumption.

The current slump in oil prices is supply-led. Crude output growth is outpacing demand increases. Crude prices will remain just low enough to sustain margins. If demand growth falls and product storage facilities reach capacity, there will be a further steep fall in oil prices. 

Let us analyse what these changes mean for you and how you can benefit from a rapidly evolving energy market environment. 

Topics Addressed

  • How a resurgent US refining sector will affect the east of Suez products markets
  • Regional storage focus 
  • Gasoline as a growing outlet for naphtha
  • Gasoil: Where are the opportunities? 
  • Russia-refinery upgrades and supply 
  • Rising biodiesel demand and the impact on diesel flows
  • Retaining Singapore’s edge as a bunkering centre
  • Russian refinery upgrades and the impact on fuel oil supply

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Argus East of Suez Oil Products Conference 2015

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