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Mind the Gap: The Surge in Global LPG Production

Presented at the 26th World LP Gas Forum and 2013 AEGPL Congress, London

Presented by: Matt Evans, Analyst - Argus Consulting Services, Argus
Chairman: Nick Black, VP - LPG, Naphtha and Petrochemicals, Argus

Matt compiled the Statistical Review of Global LPG 2013 for the World LP Gas Association, as well as the European LPG Sector Overview 2013 for the AEGPL.

In his presentation he provides a brief overview of 2012 LPG statistics, focusing on the surge in production compared to the growth in demand. He addresses the following areas:

  • Production by region
  • Consumption by region and sector
  • Net regional trade flows
  • Supply/demand balance

Insightful market overview and comparative analysis of global LPG statistics.

Statistical Review of Global LP Gas 2014

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