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What happens to the rare earths market following China's defeat at the WTO

The global rare earths market looks set for further big changes following China's defeat at the WTO by the US, EU and Japan over its export restrictions. China's response will have profound implications for the industry for well over a decade and will be decisive in terms of how the rare earths market develops going forward.

Listen to the lively discussion, moderated by Justin Pugsley, an analyst with Metal Pages – an Argus Media company, with Dan McGroarty of Carmot Strategic Group, Jon Hykawy of Stormcrow Capital and Luisa Moreno of Euro Pacific Canada as they examine the future of the global rare earths market.

Topics covered in this discussion include:

  • Where do rare earths fit into China's industrial development strategy.
  • A look at some of the recent developments in China's rare earths industry and what they mean for the wider market.
  • Will WTO victory by US, EU & Japan usher in a new era of free markets for rare earths.
  • How may China attempt to manage the rare earths market from next year onwards.
  • What China's rare earths policies will mean for consumers and new producers.
  • Defining rampant 'illegal production & smuggling' of  rare earths.
  • Just how big an impact is 'unregulated' rare earths production on the global market.
  • What is the outlook for rare earths demand and prices over the next five years.

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