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Past Presentations

6 December 2012
Western US Gas Markets Tighten

23 November 2012
Argus UK gas pricing update

21 November 2012
Argus/ IHS McCloskey webinar: API 5 - A key index for fast growing market

7 November 2012
North American Fertilizer: Giving context to supply and logistics trends

1 November 2012
Digging out China's teakettle mystery

18 October 2012
Illinois basin coal markets and trading

10 October 2012
US ethanol: Market seeking direction

4 October 2012
Mideast Gulf and Indian Ocean update: The diesel dilemma

28 September 2012
Argus naphtha and petrochemical forum: Key drivers for evolving Asian market

25 September 2012
Ready to start: California's carbon market

19 September 2012
The politics of energy

18 September 2012
Cross-state conundrum: What the CSAPR ruling means for the markets and utilities

17 September 2012
Argus Nitrogen Index explained

4 September 2012
Argus Bitumen webinar: Asian asphalt demand 2012- what are the driving forces?

2 August 2012
Mideast Gulf and Indian Ocean Update: Fuel oil - regaining favour

31 July 2012
A shifting balance: Global base oil supply and pricing dynamics in 2012

25 July 2012
US Midcontinent Coke: New supply, growing market 

12 July 2012
Argus forum: LNG - key drivers for the evolving Asian spot market

5 July 2012
Argus forum: ESPO - The emerging Asian crude benchmark

27 June 2012
Western Canadian select (WCS) in cushing: The emergence of a new spot market

21 June 2012
NGL supplies and infrastructure update

7 June 2012
Argus Crude - North Sea Dated

31 May 2012
Argus gasoline forum

30 May 2012
Asia-Pacific product updates: Asia naphtha - resilience amid uncertainty

24 May 2012
North American shale boom drives new challenges for transport sector

10 May 2012
Argus/IHS McCloskey API forum

26 April 2012
US shale crude production and infrastructure update - Part 2

13 April 2012
Etanol dos EUA: Oportunidades crescentes de exportação

12 April 2012
Mideast Gulf and Indian Ocean update - The case for diesel

11 April 2012
Phosphates Q and A

27 March 2012
US shale crude production and infrastructure update - Part 1

22 March 2012
US Ethanol: Evolving export opportunities
 Access the presentation here

21 March 2012
ARA Week 2012: Argus pricing

8 March 2012
Argus North American Forward Curves

29 February 2012
US Base Oils: New production and shifting market dynamics in 2012

23 February 2012
Colombian coal competing in the International Market

23 February 2012
Competitividad del Carbón Colombiano en los Mercados Globales

21 February 2012
Argus Online Presentation: "Will Japan continue to be the price benchmark for the Asia Pacific LNG market?"

9 February 2012
Argus Americas Crude methodology seminar

9 February 2012
Argus Forum:The Next Step in Coking Coal Pricing in Asia, Singapore

26 January 2012
Fuel competition and petroleum coke markets

11 January 2012
Texas power and emissions markets

20 December 2011
US Biodiesel: Managing Growth and Price Risk

15 December 2011
Canadian Crude: The Power of Independent Pricing

1 December 2011
California’s Cap-and-Trade Program

22 November 2011
Canadian NGLs: An Evolving Market

17 November 2011
New Tools for Atlantic Basin Coal Supply

15 November 2011
CSAPR Allowance Trading

10 November 2011
Turkish Electricity - Emergence of a Traded Market 

20 October 2011
La Evolución del LLS a Crudo de Referencia

19 October 2011
Changes in California and the US west coast gas markets

11 October 2011
LLS Crude: The emergence of a secondary benchmark

6 October 2011
RFS2 and RINS requirements: Implications for affected parties

5 October 2011
Argus Base Oils: The benefits of market pricing

30 September
Into the fall peak: A US railroad update

19 August 2011
Biomass Q & A (you will need to register your details to view this)

17 August 2011
Argus Webinar: Hurricanes and Natural Gas

25 July 2011
Argus US Coal Export and Indexation Trends

21 July 2011

CFR South China Coal - Independent assessments for the growing Chinese coal market. Find out more

14 July 2011
The Final Clean Air Transport Rule: Do SO2 and NOx have a future?  

29 June 2011
Japan: What next for the global LNG market this summer and the European generation mix in the medium-term?

29 June 2011
Market challenges facing California’s RPS  - What issues will Western utilities and energy developers confront in implementing California’s recent renewable portfolio standard? 

11 May 2011 
Railing crude: Virtual pipelines 

26 April 2011 
Base oil markets: Managing price risk

6 April 2011
Mideast Gulf products supply and demand

5 April 2011
LNG in Latin America: How far can it go?

5 April 2011
GNL en Latinoamérica: ¿Cuán lejos llegará?

29 March 2011
Diversifying Asian Coal Markets

17 March 2011
Argus Canadian NGL Prices webinar: Index where you trade

1 February 2011
After the deluge: Spring power prices in the US West Coast

21 December 2010
The EPA's E15 ruling: Unintended outcomes for ethanol?

 8 December 2010
US environmental policy: Through the eyes of the 112th congress

2 December 2010
Autogas: Growth prospects and challenges

23 November 2010
Argus Canadian crude price indexes: A total market reflection

10 November 2010
Regulating "renewable": Government policy and the biomass industry

10 August 2010
Asia coal market dynamics: Pricing and trade flows

28 July 2010
SO2 and NOx markets: A shifting regulatory landscape

22 July 2010
The new coking coal index

14 July 2010
Petroleum coke fluctuates in unstable world markets

20 May 2010
North American biomass markets 2010: Evaluating a changing industry

19 May 2010
Argus Jet Fuel: Global pricing methodology

11 May 2010
European gas at the crossroads

27 April 2010
The changing base oil market: Globalisation and new pricing benchmarks

17 February 2010
The ASCI index: Argus IP week forums

17 February 2010
European Products: Argus IP week forums

15 December 2009
Argus Biomass: Bringing transparency to the international wood pellet markets

10 December 2009
Argus european energy markets regulation

10 December 2009
The Gas - Carbon Nexus: Past, present and future

8 December 2009
Global overview of the world LPG market 2009

3 December 2009
Impact of climate legislation on the oil and gas industry

2 December 2009
Argus Sour Crude Index ("ASCI")

9 November 2009
Answers to recent questions about the Argus Sour Crude Index

9 October 2009
China's economy and energy consumption

19 October 2009
European Petroleum Coke

26 March 2009
Outlook for Russian LPG production and exports. LPG price trends

March 2009
International Coal Markets: Winners and losers in 2009

March 2009
Biodiesel: The future of the transatlantic trade

February 2009
Argus 2009 IP week forums: Crude

February 2009
Argus 2009 IP week forums: Products

February 2009
Factors influencing the recent oil price movements

21 January 2009
Surging Middle East LPG supplies and the impact on pricing

13 January 2009
Oil markets in the credit crisis

4 December 2008
A call for change: The new politics of energy

10 November 2008
Climate policy 2009: New president, new initiatives

June 2008
Decoupled oil markets challenge traditional analysis

February 2008
Argus 2008 IP week forums: Crude

February 2008
Argus 2008 IP week forums: Products

October 2006
Atlantic basin coal - Shifting US import dynamics