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Argus Base Oils

An Argus market service,  published weekly

Argus Base Oils is the only publication to capture the full spectrum of base oils trade in the international market in a single report.  Argus Base Oils provides weekly base oils spot prices, posted prices, and market analysis for all the key markets globally as well as valuable price analytics information on base oil premiums to VGO, crude, and gasoil.

Every issue offers an overview of the week’s market activities, as well as detailed base oil price assessments and analysis for each of the main markets, including Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, the US and the former Soviet Union.

Argus Base Oils offers information on current and forward profit margins for producing base oils, as well as relevant crude oil and petroleum products prices. It also includes detailed economics and profitability analysis drawing on the experience of a global leader in crude oil and clean products price assessments.

In addition to the weekly report, Argus also offers daily base oil forward curves to show where prices need to remain to maintain current profit margins relative to gasoil or heating oil futures.

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Markets Covered


  • Group 1: SN 150, SN 500, bright stock
  • Group 2: N150, N500
  • Asia: SN 500 forward price
  • Asia: SN 500 forward premium to gasoil
  • Dubai crude front month and SN 500 premium to Dubai crude
  • Singapore 0.5% gasoil, gasoil premium to Dubai crude and SN 500 premium to gasoil

Northeast Asia

  • Group 1: SN 150, SN 500, bright stock
  • Group 2: N150, N500
  • Group 3 4cst, 6cst and 8cst cfr
  • Chinese domestic prices and import price calculator

India and UAE

  • India Group 1: SN 150, SN 500, bright stock
  • India Group 2: N150, N500
  • Indian Group 3 4cst, 6cst and 8cst cfr
  • India domestic prices
  • UAE Group 1: SN 150, SN 500

Europe and Turkey

  • Group 1: SN 150, SN 500 and bright stock domestic NWE
  • Group 1: SN150, SN 500 and bright stock European export
  • Group 1: SN 150 and SN 500 cfr Turkey
  • Group 2: N150 fca ARA
  • Group 2: N600 fca ARA
  • Group 3: 4cst, 6cst and 8cst fca NWE
  • SN 150 and SN 500 forward prices
  • SN 150 and SN 500 forward premium to gasoil
  • North Sea Dated crude price and SN 500 premium to North Sea Dated
  • European oil products prices: Heating oil 0.1% barge, vacuum gasoil 0.5% and 1.6% barge
  • Oil products premiums: heating oil premium to crude, heating oil premium to VGO 1.6%, SN 500 premium to heating oil and SN 500 premium to VGO 1.6%

Russia and FSU

  • Group 1: SN 150, SN 500 Baltic Sea
  • Group 1: SN 150, SN 500 Black Sea


  • Group 1: SN 150, SN 500 and bright stock
  • Group 2: N100, N200, N220 and N600
  • Domestic prices for Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3
  • Napthenic base oil domestic and export prices: pale oil 60, 100, 500 and 2000
  • US SN 500 forward prices
  • US SN 500 forward premium to heating oil
  • Nymex WTI crude front month, SN 500 premium to WTI, the Argus Sour Crude Index™ (ASCI™) price and SN 500 premium to the  ASCI price
  • Oil products prices: NYH heating oil barge, low-sulphur vacuum gasoil 0.5% and high-sulphur vacuum gasoil 2%
  • Oil products premiums: Heating oil premium to WTI, heating oil premium to VGO 2%, SN 500 premium to heating oil and SN 500 premium to VGO 2%
  • US posted prices for Group 1, Group 2, Group 2+, Group 3 and Group 3+

Key Features

  • Weekly market spot price assessments and analysis for Group I, II, and III base oils in key global markets 
  • Daily market-moving news
  • Historical data
  • Transparent market-appropriate methodology
  • Daily updates of forward curves and profit margins for base oils production
  • Detailed economics and profitability data and analysis from a global leader in petroleum indexation


Argus Base Oils is used by traders, procurement managers, base oil marketers, lubricant business managers, major oil companies, refiners, lubricant producers and lubricant users.

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White Paper Read the white paper 'Argus Base Oil Prices Explained'

 2014 Argus Base Oils Annual Review

 2013 Argus Base Oils Overview

 2012 Argus Base Oils Overview

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The Argus Base Oils Annual Review is now available, providing a comprehensive summary of global prices and activity in all the key markets in 2014


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