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Argus launches new LNG price assessments

Singapore, 3 October 2011

Argus will launch a new series of price assessments in the Argus LNG Daily report covering emerging Asian trading hubs today. The new assessments include:

  • Northeast Asia des (composed of: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan)
  • China des
  • India Des
  • Australia fob
  • Middle East fob (Asia-Pacific bound)
  • Middle East fob (Europe bound)

These daily assessments will be produced according to a new methodology. New netback pricing will be included, as well as daily market commentary. A new section of the report will focus on the fuels that compete against LNG imports in key gas demand regions.

Global LNG consumption is forecast to double to over 450mn t in 2017 from around 220mn t in 2010, with key buyers in Asia-Pacific leading demand growth. Major Asian buyers such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have been joined by China, India and Thailand in recent years and southeast Asian buyers such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam will soon enter the market. The Argus LNG Daily report, with its market news and Asia des and fob LNG price assessments, is essential for market participants that are seeking to stay up to date and make informed decisions.

Argus LNG Daily provides spot price assessments, information about shipping movements, market-moving news and analysis. Providing daily price assessments for Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, China, India, Australia and the Middle East, the report has been carefully designed to provide global LNG market participants with the critical insights and key LNG statistics and data needed to stay ahead of market developments as well as to help shape commercial strategies. In addition to these price assessments, the report features price snapshots for the US and European gas markets and global crude benchmarks.

Argus chairman and chief executive Adrian Binks said: “With demand for natural gas projected to increase by 60pc to become the second most dominant source of energy globally by 2030, the launch of these new price assessments in the Argus LNG Daily report is both timely and crucial for anyone looking to capitalise on growing market opportunities in the LNG sector.”

Argus LNG Daily features global pricing, news and analysis, and is a complementary service to our monthly analytical coverage of global LNG markets in Argus Global LNG. The inclusion of these focal price assessments in the Argus LNG Daily report reaffirms Argus’ continued commitment to augment its business intelligence solutions and market services for the international LNG market.

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