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Bioenergy Market Services

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Argus provides in-depth analysis and a variety of services for:

  • Oil products: Argus publishes over 20 refined products reports, many of which include key industry index and benchmark prices. Services include prices, news, analysis, fundamental and historical data as well as regionally focused reports, consulting and events.
  • Emissions: Price assessments for green markets, including CO2 permits, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), SO2 and NOx.  The reports feature analysis and insight into industry trends, policy and regulatory developments. Also included are interviews with leading figures and fundamental information.
  • Power: Price information for international electricity markets as well as analytical reports and fundamental data. Argus electricity prices are used by many companies in spot and term pricing, risk analysis and management, mark-to-market and strategic planning.

Learn more about EU biofuels legislation and join your industry peers at the Argus European Biofuels and Feedstocks conference, taking place on 18-20 October 2016.

Argus Biofuels and Feedstocks 2015

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