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Argus Ethanol China 2018

Tap on the unprecedented growth in the Asian biofuels industry

The Asian biofuels industry has experienced unprecedented growth with government policies implemented for energy security and to cut greenhouse gases. Increased demand from the transportation sector is also one of the main drivers behind demand for biofuels.

While some countries have tailored their biofuel plans according to the availability of a particular feedstock, most Asian countries because of strict government regulations and blending mandates depend on international trade for their biofuel supplies.

Argus Biofuels Asia will be discussing further the driving factors behind biofuels demand growth, production and distribution potential, expanding Asian feedstock supplies and global trade opportunities.

Discussion Topics

  • Asia’s market drivers and contribution to economic growth - Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Thailand
  • Global year-by-year biofuel production surge and competing demand levels
  • Gasoline market developments: Trading landscape, ethanol blending values and mandates
  • Influence of conventional fuels pricing on the value of cleaner alternatives
  • Discussion: How will the future of biofuels take shape post 2020?

Who should attend?

  • Biofuel refiners 
  • Trading firms (renewables, gasoline and diesel)
  • Oil refiners
  • Gasoline blenders
  • Policy makers / government bodies
  • Consulting firms
  • Bio technology providers
  • Shipping corporations
  • Agricultural Companies

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