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PTP Group has evolved from being a Port, Logistic, Warehouse & Tank Operator to a complete Logistics Hub & Service Provider in the region, thanks to its trajectory and investment policy, which now includes a Free Trade Zone in Argentina.

With presence in 4 out of the 5 countries that form the Paraná – Paraguay Waterway (Argentina. Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) , PTP provides innovative and cost effective end-to-end logistic solutions for its clients, addressing their specific needs and requests, while covering a variety of products and markets (bulk and liquid fertilizers, liquid fuels and biofuels, pet coke, soda ash, ores, etc.).

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SunCoke EnergySunCoke Energy (NYSE: SXC) is a raw material processing and handling company with deep experience in metallurgical cokemaking and coal logistics. Our domestic and export terminals have the capacity to transload more than 40 million tons of coal and other raw materials each year via truck, rail, river barge and ocean vessel to key ports on the Gulf Coast, East Coast and Great Lakes, and overseas. Our Convent Marine Terminal is one of the largest on the Gulf Coast and equipped to efficiently transload petcoke for the export market.

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