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The fertilizer needs of the agriculture industry are changing. Balanced fertilization, ease of handling, transport and storage make multi-nutrient fertilizers an attractive option for crop production around the world. 

NPK Fertilizers 2015 assesses the structure of the global NPK market with insights into the major NPK sectors, their capacities in key regions and the development of NPK production technologies and formulations tailored to specific soil and crop needs. 

Nutrient losses continue to be a major issue and the event this year aims to shed light on what can be done to increase the efficiency of these multi-nutrient fertilizers. From controlled to slow release fertilizers, learn more about how these enhanced products can further support the growing initiative for balanced fertilization. 

Conference Highlights Include:

  • Compound fertilizer production and consumption in key and emerging regions
  • Formulations in the multi-nutrient sector for tropical crops – role of secondary and micronutrients 
  • Slow- and controlled-release NPKs – implications on nutrient and water use efficiency
  • Organic NPKs – are they the future?
  • Latest technologies in production – granulation, compaction and blending

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Argus FMB Technical Fertilizer Conference and Exhibition 2014

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This new Argus Strategy Report examines the fertilizer industry’s fast-growing multi-nutrient sector and the drivers behind it.

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