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Argus FMB Technical Fertilizer Conference and Exhibition 2015 : NPK Fertilizers 2015

The Thai Fertilizer and Agricultural Marketing Association was established in 1971.

It strives to help resolve problems with procedures for permission to import chemical fertilizer under the fertilizer Wednesday Top ACT of 2518, which is under the control and supervision of the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture.

Association members must be business entities in the field of agriculture.




China National Chemical Information Centre (CNCIC), formerly the Scientific and Technological Information Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, has a history of more than 60 years. CNCIC is the national information collection, research and service institution of China chemical industry.

The Fertilizer Department of CNCIC (CNCIC-Fertilizer), one of the most important and renowned consulting organizations, is engaged in investment consultation and market analysis of fertilizers, and performs feasibility studies of fertilizer projects.

We have provided information services for thousands of fertilizer enterprises, chemical enterprises, government organizations and research institutes in China and abroad. 

  The Chemical Daily is a Japanese newspaper comprehensively covering the chemical industry from basic to specialty chemicals. Subscribers include chemical companies, financial/insurance companies and trading houses as well as government departments. The Chemical Daily provides in-depth information on life sciences and chemical-related fields such as electronic materials, automotive materials and water treatment, all of which are Japanese fortes and regarded as cutting-edge industries. Their Environment page showcases timely information on the activities of industry, government and academia as well as the latest R&D developments.

The Chemical Daily also publishes chemical-industry-related specialized books and educational volumes.

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This new Argus Strategy Report examines the fertilizer industry’s fast-growing multi-nutrient sector and the drivers behind it.

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