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Argus LPG and Feedstocks 2017

Join us in Singapore, where rising supplies meet keen buyers

Conference overview

Ample LPG and alternative fuels such as ethane and NGLs are poised to continue weighing on the global LPG market, with US exports increasingly competing with supplies from the Middle East.

But expansion of the petrochemicals industry in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East has sparked renewed hope for the market to rebalance and tighten, as market participants expect firmer demand for LPG and other feedstocks. Other sectors that consume LPG are also expected to spur demand growth in the future, with China and India taking the lead in boosting imports.

The Argus LPG and Petrochemical Feedstocks 2017 will be held in Singapore over 14-15 November 2017 to put the spotlight on key countries that have been driving LPG consumption. Join us in Singapore to capture networking opportunities with key LPG buyers from various sectors and emerging suppliers from across the globe.

Key themes

  • Expansion of the petrochemicals industry in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East: its impact on demand for LPG, ethane and naphtha
  • Will emerging LPG supplies from the Middle East compete with US exports in the Asia-Pacific marketplace?
  • Will an abundance of alternative fuels such as LNG, NGLs, as well as cheaper gasoil, erode LPG’s market share in Asia

Why you should attend

  • Network with dozens of key LPG consumers from China, India, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and elsewhere
  • Meet with LPG producers from the US, Russia and Middle East 
  • Capture the latest paradigm shift in LPG trade flow dynamics and stay on top of the changing situation
Who should attend?
  • Crude Refiners
  • LPG Suppliers
  • Naphtha Producers
  • Trading Houses
  • PDH Producers
  • Ethylene/Propylene
  • Producers
  • VLGCs
  • Manufacturers

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