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Conference Agenda

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 Day 1: Wednesday 14 March

Workshop A: Infrastructure and Storage Workshop

08:30 - 9:45

With new infrastructure and storage facilities beginning to address supply questions, attention is starting to turn to the challenges and new opportunities that lie ahead for the LPG industry in Africa. Join your fellow industry colleagues to address the following points:
  • Key overview of LPG infrastructure projects nearing completion
  • Assessing new import facilities — Where does this position Africa in line with the US and Asia-Pacific in the LPG industry
  • Will an increase in storage facilities minimise product spiking and illegal filling?
  • Update on licensing regulation for import facilities
  • Assessing port approval processes 
  • Construction and operational process licensing 
  • Import parity pricing for LPG in line with anti-trust and competition commission guidelines
  • Is there a market for export facilities in Africa?
  • Private and local investment — what is the future?

 08:40 - 09.50  Conference Registration and Opening of Exhibition
 09:50 - 09:55 Producer's Opening Speech
Tonika Campbell
, LPG Europe and Africa Conference Producer, Argus
09.55 - 10.05

Chairman's Opening Remarks

David Appleton, Senior LPG Analyst, Argus

10.10 - 10.25
Who Am I Ice Breaker Session
This short, fun ice breaker session could lay the foundation of fundamental business intelligence and opportunities. Before the conference begins, each attendee will be asked to write three key pieces of information alluding to their job title and organisation. Attendees on the table will then have to guess who that delegate is.

10.25 - 10.55
Developments in Africa in the Context of Global LPG Trends
  • Assessing LPG pricing and an outlook on pricing
  • International supply and demand dynamics 
  • What does this mean for LPG downstream in Africa? 
  • Analysing growth in the cylinder market in other regions and how it compares to sub-Saharan Africa
David Appleton, Senior LPG Analyst, Argus

10.55 - 11.25 Future Plans for the LPG Industry in South Africa
  • Analysing LPG pricing: Regulated and de-regulated markets
  • Weighing the role of South Africa in pricing import parities and regulation
  • Future plans for productions
  • Addressing an outdated pricing system: How will this effect supply
  • Assessing cylinder tax import regulation
  • Assessing regulatory framework in line with LPG adoption
Maqubela Tseliso, Deputy Director General: Petroleum and Petroleum Product Regulations, Department of Energy, South Africa
11.25- 11.55 Morning Networking Coffee Break
11.55 - 12.25 Assessing New Routes of Supply
  • What has a mild winter in Africa meant for supply and demand? 
  • Assessing new skid stations and LPG refilling stations in major cities in Nigeria
  • What do the new Western Cape facilities mean for supply?
  • Where else are we seeing investment to support supply?
  • Outlook on changing dynamics in light of new supply
Akin Akinfemiwa, Group CEO, Forte Oil
 12:25 - 12.55 Assessing the Connection between East and South Africa: Transportation and Supply
  • Box storage and Walvis Bay: What opportunity does this open to land locked countries 
  • Assessing supply from the west coast countries
  • Analysing the Zambian market’s connections towards the southern coast
  • Angolan transportation and local developments
  • Rogue filling: Safety, legislation and consequences 
  • What is in the 5 year plan?
James Grobler, Managing Director, Cengas
12.55 - 13.25   Analysing the Connection between LPG and Natural Gas
  • Natural gas overview and developments
  • What does a sustainable natural gas supply mean for the development of LPG in Africa?
  • What is the future of natural gas and how will this support the growth of LPG?
Abdullahi Bayero, DM LPG Sales, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
 13.25 - 14.25
Networking Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
14.25 - 14.55 The Shifting Energy Economy
  • Investigating the movement of natural gas
  • Opportunities for LPG created by rising electricity prices 
  • Medium-term challenges: Pressure from natural gas 
  • Where does LPG sit in regards to electricity?

Taiwo Adepoju, Head, Strategy & Support, Pinnacle Oil & Gas

 14.55 - 15.25  Outlook of LPG in Kenya
  • Analysing the market landscape in Kenya and its uptake in the East African LPG market
  • Addressing challenges facing the LPG industry in Kenya: How can government subsidiaries support developments?
  • Update on the cylinder exchange programme 
  • Opportunities available for investors in Kenya
  • Future plans for innovation in the industry in Kenya
Abel Mungai Mathaga, LPG Bulk Sales Manager, Total
15.25 - 15.55  Distribution Challenges, Public Understanding and Perception of LPG
  • Analysing the current market landscape
  • Addressing challenges associated with distribution
  • The importance of investment in importing, storage and distribution of LPG
  • What innovative solutions can be adopted to overcome infrastructure, supply and distribution challenges?
  • Examining future developments in the LPG market
Nkechi Obi, Executive Vice Chairman, Techno Oil
15.55 - 16.25 Afternoon Networking Break
 16.25 - 17:25  Regional Patisseries Roundtables

Regional roundtables give you an opportunity to discuss key challenges in your region or to delve into a neighbouring region. Accompanied by local patisseries and teas, this is a relaxed environment to collaborate with your LPG industry colleagues. Sign up to our roundtable sessions with 30 of your peers — places are limited to ensure maximum interaction.

Roundtable One: Southern Africa
Leader: Benoit Araman, Managing Director, Oryx Oil South Africa

Roundtable Two: Central Africa

Roundtable Three: Eastern Africa
Leader: Emmanuel Mangeni, Director, Ultimate Gas Professionals

Roundtable Four: Western Africa

Leader: Julio Mamadu Balde, Secretary General, Agency for Management and Cooperation between Senegal and Guinea - Bissau

Roundtable Five: Northern Africa
17:25 - 17.55 Assessing the Growth in the Cylinder Gas Market 
  • Analysing standardisation in the cylinder gas market
  • How can the government promote cylinder investment to increase consumer adoption?
  • Assessing methods of preventing cylinder theft
  • How can national cylinder exchange programmes minimise illegal filling and smuggling?
  • Government subsidies for cylinders: What can we learn from Kenya and Nigeria?
Ronald Ndoro, Director of Operations, Kensys Gas and the Interim President of Zimbabwe Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association
17.55 - 18.05 Chairman's Closing Remarks and End of Day One
David Appleton
, Senior LPG Analyst, Argus
18.05 - 19.35 LPG Collaboration Dinner and Networking Drinks

Day 2: Thursday 15 March

Workshop B: Logistics and Handling

08:30 - 09:45

As storage facilities begin to come on line throughout Africa, attention is turning to the next bottlenecks, as well as logistics and handling. Investment in the sector continues to be a struggle, but discussion seems to be increasingly focused on regulation, pricing and supply So join your colleagues in taking an active role in supporting the growth of safe logistics and handling and — in turn — the growth of the LPG industry.

Key areas of discussion are:
  • New areas of investment in sub-Saharan logistics 
  • National and regional logistics challenges
  • Addressing safety challenges in transporting LPG
  • Assessing trucking as a solution to fill the gap between storage and bottling LPG
  • Transport and cylinder filling regulation and control
  • A comparative study of tax for landlocked countries and export countries 
  • Analysing rail as an option for inland transportation
  • Future prospects
09.00 - 09.50

Morning Conference Registration and Opening of Exhibition

09.50 - 10.00

Chairperson’s Opening

James Gooder, VP Crude Oil, Argus

10.00 - 10.30 Keynote Presentation NPA’s National LPG Safety Campaign
  • From the field: Educating consumers on the safe use of LPG
  • Addressing responsibility and ownership: The government, suppliers and distributors
  • An update on inspection and monitoring for operation and safety requirements
  • Usage and storage within retail outlets
  • Outlook on enforcement, Compliance and consequences
Hassan Tampuli, Chief Executive Officer, National Petroleum Authority, Ghana
10.30 - 11.00 
‘20k metric tonnes will be available to the national storage grid’: Nigerian Infrastructure, Pricing and Supply
  • Overview and update on key projects: Skid plants, plant automation and transportation infrastructure
  • Assessing pricing stability in line with supply
  • Update on consumption in Nigeria
  • Recognising fire safety precautions and procedures in retail outlets
  • How will developments in the Nigerian LPG market affect LPG in East Africa?
Zayyanu Tambari Yabo, Gas Division, Department Of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
11.00 - 11.30   Morning Networking Break
11.30 - 12.00
LPG Developments in Ghana
  • Assessing infrastructure needs for commercialisation of LPG
  • Growing investment in LPG in Ghana
  • Regulatory updates in Ghanaian cylinder exchange programme
George Amoako-Adjei, Director of Commercial, Ghana National Gas Company
12.00 - 12.30 Assessing the Israeli LPG Market
  • Market opportunities and threats
  • Market outlook
Chen Bar Yoseph, Head of Fuel & LPG administration, Ministry of Energy, Israel
12.30 - 13:00  Dry Gas Coupling for as Safe and Quick Connection and Disconnection
  • Why is this dry gas coupling superior to existing ones?
  • What will be the spillage at the disconnection?
  • What will be the impact in the area of its application?
  • New coupling for filling and emptying tanks, trucks, boats and tank storage
  • How these couplings increase the safety?
Alain Deleuse, International Business Development, Mann-Tek
 13.00 - 14.00 Networking Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
 14.00 - 14.30 Assessing Affordability of LPG for Low Income Households
  • Addressing the challenges of low income earners when investing in household infrastructure
  • Tackling concerns around cylinder availability and cylinder costs for consumers
  • Major challenges and recommendations 
Clara Mwoyofiri, Energy Development Officer, Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Zimbabwe
14.30 - 15.00 Assessing Local Zambian Challenges in Addressing Continental LPG Developments
  • Tackling local issues on a broader scale: How can East Africa learn from their neighbours?
  • Streamlining operations to maximise resources and development across the continent
  • Plans for future public uptake of LPG within East Africa: What does this mean for growth within the continent?
Samson Muumba, CEO of First Icon Energy Corporation and the Chairman of Africa LPG Association
15.00 - 15.40 Pan-African Collaboration in LPG Panel
  • How can collaboration reduce illegitimate filling?
  • LPG growth on a regional scale: How can neighbours support landlocked countries? 
  • Outlook for LPG in Africa
  • Analysing safety on a regional scale: Addressing challenges in domestic and commercial LPG usage
  • Discussing anti-trust regulation in a vastly expanding market
  • Integrated operations: Assessing logistics through national collaboration
Abdul-Kadir K Ahmed
, Manager - Marketing & Development, Nigeria LNG
Joseph Eromosele
, Executive Secretary and CEO, Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (NLPGA)
Renzo E. Bee
, Chairman, Policy, Regulation & Development Advisory Group, The Global LPG Partnership

15.40 - 15:50 Chairperson’s Closing Speech and End of Conference
James Gooder
, VP Crude Oil, Argus
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“A great conference, both the agenda and the setting. Thank you to Argus for taking the initiative. See you next year.
Gambetta Nacro, Director General, DG SONABHY

“The conference was an eye opener for me and an excellent opportunity to network with players in LPG. Hope to attend the next conference.
Andrew Guri, Engineer, Petroleum Infrastructure, Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority

“Good networking, great coverage about many different African countries.
Jerome Ryu, Trader, SK Gas

“Very good content, all the presentations were interesting so excellent choice of speakers.
Alison Abbot, Communications Director, WLPGA

“My objective to meet prospective clients was fulfilled!
Rishad Khan, Managing Director, Fluor Igoda

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