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Argus Biofuels Week 2017

Ethanol Focus Day Agenda

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Registration and morning coffee


Chairperson's opening remarks

09.30 An overview of the global markets in bioethanol

  • Outlining global landscape of bioethanol products and sourcing
  • Assessing key developments in bioethanol markets

Mark Chesworth, Chief Executive Officer, Vivergo

09.50 The impact of post 2020 reforms on the bioethanol markets

  • Outlining the reforms to bioethanol markets
  • Is there a future for the iLUC concept?
  • To what extent will favouring 2G biofuels change bioethanol production and the competitive landscape across biofuels products

Alberto Carmona Bosch, Chief Executive Officer, NixAl Commodities

10.10 Panel Discussion: An overview of market potential and pricing outlook

  • EU member state regulations on crops for bioethanol: crop caps
  • Assessing current trade flows 
  • Emerging market opportunities in bioethanol

Per Sune Koustrup, Chief Executive Officer and Co-owner, Nordic Green
Eduardo Puertas, Head of Ethanol, Ed&F Man
Timo Huhtisaari
, Sustainability and Biofuels Expert, Neot
George Hayes, Global Trade Coordinator, CHS

10.50 Mid-morning coffee and networking

Reviewing trading and price signals in the US markets

  • To what extent will duty changes impact the European ethanol markets
  • Asessing pricing in the US markets

George Hayes, Global Trade Coordinator, CHS


The sugar production landscape and supply demand

  • Reviewing supply and demand dynamics
  • Exploring current availability for sugar imports

Géraldine Kutas, Head of International Affairs, UNICA


Panel Discussion: How will the end of the sugar production quota impact the ethanol production in the EU and its place in the energy mix?

  • Forecasting the sugar price
  • Estimating European sugar imports

Alejandro Eito, White Sugar Trading Manager, Alvean

12.40 Networking lunch

The outlook of EU feedstock supply and the impact of RED II on the agricultural industry

  • The European Union is currently deliberating a draft law which would see conventional biofuels severely capped and phased out
  • The proposed law fails to take account of the fact that Europe can produce current and even higher volumes of biofules very effectively and safely
  • Industry, agriculture and climate stakeholders need to make their voices heard above the noise

James Cogan, Industry and Policy Analyst, Ethanol Europe Renewables


Case study: Belgium adopting E10

  • Application of 10% ethanol in fuel
  • Outlining the challenges and drivers in introducing the new standard

Afternoon coffee and networking


Ethanol roundtables

Focused peer-to-peer discussions led by topic experts in each area. An opportunity to have your say and have your most pressing questions answered. 

Roundtable 1: What are the advantages between ethanol and methanol use? - led by: Bo Gleerup, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Nordic Green

Further roundtable topics will be announced shortly. If you are interested in leading a table, please contact


Chairperson's closing remarks

16.10 Ice-breaker drinks reception - Open to all conference delegates

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