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Argus Biomass 2017

Technology Focus Day — 25 April 2017

Increased levels of investments in the industry has propelled technological advancement. As a carbon neutral fuel, there has been a recent upsurge worldwide in co-firing of biomass with coal, which helps to reduce emissions from thermal power plants. Co-generation is also opening up to biomass, to allow flexible switching between heat and electricity generation. These new scenarios open up challenges and opportunities for producers, traders and utilities in the biomass business.

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 Introductory Workshop
 2 Day Conference Agenda

Topics at Technology Focus Day include:

08.30 Morning registration and networking
09.30 Chairperson's opening remarks

Scott Bax, Senior Vice President OperationsPinnacle Renewable Energy


09.40 Driving the renewables industry with new technology developments and investment in Research and Development (R&D)
  • Exploring technologies to help reduce carbon emissions and meet renewables targets
  • Using whole systems analysis to identify scenario resilient low-carbon technologies
  • New generation technologies that improve sustainability 
  • Identifying opportunities to add value through R&D activities
  • Understanding incentives and financial help available for R&D and technical advancements
  • What subsidies and financial support are available?
Hannah Evans, Strategy Manager, Bioenergy, Energy Technologies Institute
10.10 Exploring the practicalities and implementation of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Understanding the basics of applying for an application: submitting information and data required
  • Looking at scheme statistics and installation technologies coming onto the scheme
  • Understanding ongoing requirements including sustainability (land criteria and Greenhouse Gas criteria)
  • New regulatory changes including new biomass tariffs/ tiering and tariff guarantees
Luke Bailey, Senior Policy Manager, Non-Domestic RHI, Ofgem
10.40 Morning refreshments and networking


11.10 Exploring R&D activities to improve biomass co-firing efficiencies and flexibility
  • Looking at new ways to improve efficiency of co-firing for biomass
  • Improving flexibility on fuel mixes for higher efficiency  
  • Innovative biomass characterisation based on thermo-chemical analysis and ternary diagrams
  • Opportunities to apply new approaches to different biomass types
Yves Ryckmans, Chief Technology Officer, Biomass, ENGIE Lab Laborelec
11.40 Case study: Technological adaptations for straw firing at the Avedore Power Station, Copenhagen
  • Project management and construction of the Avedore Power Station
  • Utilising various feedstock including straw for simultaneous heat and electricity generation
  • Providing the capability to switch flexibly between heat or power driven operation
  • Understanding logistic systems with facilities to ship biomass
Preben Messerschmidt, Project Director, Ramboll 
12.10 Panel discussion: Exploring new areas of development in biomass technologies 
New technologies in the market to reduce conversion costs and improve safety
Evaluating available technology options for converting biomass into useable heat or electricity
Generating power and heat through a combined power and heat system
Producing biomass energy carriers for small and large scale energy applications
How can companies gain a competitive advantage with new technologies? 


Paul James, Development Director, Energy, Ramboll 


Scott Bax, Senior Vice President Operations, Pinnacle Renewable Energy
Yves Ryckmans, Chief Technology Officer, Biomass, ENGIE Lab Laborelec 


12.50 Networking lunch
14.00 Processing advanced black pellets based on new technological developments
  • Adapting the process to improve the cost base
  • Understanding the commercial benefits of processing black pellets against white pellets
  • Looking at the benefits of pellets with a higher energy content 
  • Addressing the properties of black pellets for easy storage
Håkon Knappskog, Chief Executive Officer, Arbaflame


14.30 Case study: Innovative pellet production at different scales
  • Exploring different sustainable solutions in building biomass plants
  • Assessing a full integrated approach: pellet plant concepts, process technologies, distribution
  • What do investors look for in new projects 
  • Case studies: looking at success stories and learning from experience
Sven Rudnick, General Manager, Rudnick & Enners
 15.00 Diversification to sustain business returns and industry growth

Jason Woods
, Founding Partner, In Perpetuum Partners LLP
15.30 Chairman’s closing remarks

Scott Bax, Senior Vice President Operations, Pinnacle Renewable Energy
16.00 Afternoon coffee and networking
17.00 Close of conference
17.20 - 19.00 Ice-breaker drinks
Shared with attendees of the Premium Pellets Focus Day, Asia Focus Day and Introductory Workshop


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