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Argus Global Crude 2018 - Geneva

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Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX), Russia’s largest commodities exchange, launched trading in 2008. The Exchange offers trading in refined oil products, crude oil, natural gas and timber. SPIMEX Urals deliverable futures contract for Russian export crude oil is targeted for launch in late 2016. Working together with the Russian Government, Russian oil majors and global trading houses, SPIMEX aims to create a new risk management and trading tool.



Ursa L

Ursa delivers reliable global economic intelligence with the most up to date information for global oil inventories and custom monitoring of commodity supply chains.
Allegro L
With Allegro you get a tailored, scalable commodity trading and risk management software solution built on 30 years of reliable innovation – on premise or in the cloud. Allegro's CTRM software improves business visibility and margins and significantly reduces the costs of ownership. Our customers continue to benefit from measureable ROI early in their investment.
Allegro ensures you're always connected to the right information at the right time with the broadest platform coverage to support your single- and multiple-commodity decisions. Gone is the need to run numerous software systems to support different parts of your portfolio, because Allegro eliminates disconnected reports, the need for additional spreadsheets and incremental risk.

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Ursa L

Argus Crude reports daily on the global crude oil markets, providing analysis and pricing for more than 80 different internationally-traded crude streams. It is the only way to access the exclusive Argus Sour Crude Index™ (ASCI™).

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