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Argus Emissions Markets 2018 | 6-7 March | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Your opportunity to network with carbon trading’s leading market-makers at
Argus Emissions Markets 2018

The mounting impact that CO2 emissions have on our environment is driving global authorities to increase pressures on businesses to reduce air pollution. Emissions Trading Schemes have emerged as the key method through which international efforts to mitigate further damage to the planet are being channelled.

Your operations will be put under the microscope as the drive for carbon neutrality moves forward. Argus Emissions Markets provides you the opportunity to keep track of these changes, and prepare for the increasing cost of carbon in your business.

Your top three reasons for attending Argus Emissions Markets 2018

1.       Hear from the Rapporteur of the EU ETS, the European Commission, the Legislative Analyst’s Office of California, the China Emissions Exchange and more – The policy-makers who dictate climate change legislation and determine your day-to-day operations to reduce emissions

2.       Meet traders including Vertis, Hartree Partners and Statkraft, and build relationships to get the best carbon price – Discover how much ETSs will cost your business for years to come

3.      High-profile companies including Yara, BASF, SCA, Stora Enso are participating in the conference. As a result, the event gives you the chance to engage with your industrial counterparts and share best practices as to how to reduce the carbon emissions of your business

Industrial emitters from around the globe

The biggest players across industrial sector can offer you their advice on how best to operate under the main regional emissions trading schemes, including:

US-Canada linked model

In 2016, California covered 324,069,019 tonnes of C02e by the emissions trading model in America, and industrial emitters make up a total of 100,027 747 tonnes of this. These industries include lime, cement, metals, paper, as well as food production facilities (excluding emissions associated with fuel processing, supply and refineries).

*Source: 2016 GHG Facility and Entity Emissions report, California Air Resources Board

China ETS
The Chinese scheme, which launched at the end of 2017, is set to have a dramatic impact on the regulation of CO2e across the country. As the challenges and dynamics of the system emerge in the coming months, only then will it be possible to evaluate the impact it may have on your business.

EU ETS — 11,000 energy-intensive plants regulated under the EU ETS 
EU ETS legislators’ plans for post-2020 reforms will decrease the number of (or overall value/quantity?) allocations available to trade each year, which will remove a significant proportion of emissions credits from the market. This will inevitably drive up the cost to your business of emitting carbon.

Emissions covered in your sector by the EU ETS data for the financial year 2016/2017:

Chemicals: 79,827,527 tonnes CO2e Metals: 141,325,407 tonnes CO2e
 Pulp and Paper: 26,997,070 tonnes CO2e  Ceramics: 15,951,593 tonnes CO2e
Building Materials & Gypsum: 167,028,932 tonnes CO2e, including the processing of mineral wool, lime, glass, cement and gypsum
Aviation: The aviation industry saw emissions of 6,144,686 tonnes CO2e eq, regulated under the EU ETS. Get updated on developments in CORSIA which are set to transform carbon trading for the aviation sector – which will regulate an estimated 2-3 billion tonnes of C02 emissions globally.

Total emissions covered by these manufacturers: 431,130,529 t C02 eq

*Source of Statistics: EU ETS data viewer, European Environment Agency

Why you need to be at Argus Emissions Markets 2018:
With some of the most significant changes in a decade on the horizon for the carbon markets, there has never been a more pressing time for you to access market analysis and share strategies with your peers.
This event is your opportunity to:
  • Join experts from the EU ETS, Chinese ETS, ICAO system, the US-Quebec model and more
  • Identify cost effective strategies to deal with market, political and carbon risks
  • Plan ahead and understand how changing markets are likely to impact upon your business   

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    Information Download your brochure here

    Inside you'll find:

    • Details of our line-up of expert speakers

    • Full agenda for the two-day conference

    • Schedule of all the networking opportunities available throughout the event

    • Information about sector-focused roundtable discussions, which often run past their scheduled close, driven by the commercially valuable discussion

    • Details of the companies that regularly attend the conference 

    European Carbon Emissions Markets Map

    Download a map of European Carbon Emissions Markets for a country by country overview of verified emissions and free allocations in 2015.

    Information Request your map here

    For more information about the Argus Emissions Markets conference, please contact the team:

    phone icon +44 (0) 20 7780 4341  email icon

    This event is your opportunity to:

    • Join experts from the EU ETSChinese ETSICAO system, the US-Quebec model and more
    • Identify cost effective strategies to deal with market, political and carbon risks
    • Plan ahead and understand how changing markets are likely to impact upon your business

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