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Networking Experience — Tuesday 22 May 2018

Join the sailing team building activity on Tuesday, 22 May. During this activity, you will be with sailing experts who will help you establish a parallel between sports and the business world in a fun way. Take this opportunity to network with fellow attendees in a unique setting.*


13.30 Departure from Crowne Plaza Porto hotel
14.00 Sailing activity at Douro Marina
17.00 Drop off at Crowne Plaza Porto hotel

After safety briefing, sailing experts will provide training and assign a role to each participants before taking off on the boat. During the activity, everyone will have the opportunity to manoeuvre and drive the boat.

*Separately bookable item. Please choose 'conference+networking experience' pass when you are booking your place at the conference. Transportation will be provided to/from the Crowne Plaza Porto hotel.


Main Agenda Day 1 — Wednesday 23 May 2018

08.45 Registration and Exhibition Opening
 10.00 Producer’s Welcome
Tonika Campbell, European Bitumen and Asphalt Conference Producer, Argus

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Lloyd Thomas, Vice-President, Consulting Services, Argus

10.30 Outlook on Crude and IMO 2020: What Does this Mean for the Bitumen Market?
  • The outlook for crude markets and the impact on bitumen
  • Refinery upgrades affecting fuel oil and bitumen production
  • A decrease in high sulphur fuel oil consumption post 2020: What does this means for bitumen industry
  • Bitumen pricing and the disconnect from fuel oil
  • Changing patterns in bitumen trading – longer distance routes become normal
  • Growth markets and how bitumen demand will be met in future
Jonathan Weston, Bitumen Editor, Argus
 11.00 Future Prospects for Production and Availability of Bitumen
  • Discussing the current availability and quantity of bitumen and future prospects
  • Prospects for international partnerships in the bitumen market: Is this a sustainable source of bitumen for the European market?
  • Assessing the growing prominence of importing bitumen: What does this mean for the growth of the European bitumen industry?
Keith Stone, Bitumen Pricing Manager, Shell International Petroleum Company
11.30  Morning Refreshments Break
12.15 Bitumen: A Boutique Product, Not a Commodity
  • Creating a customer-centric product
  • Changing the mindset of bitumen production
  • Adding value to the product and the user
  • Enhancing the performance of road bitumen and reducing environmental impacts
  • Environmental sustainability in production and storage
Sergio Bovo, General Manager, Alma Petroli SPA
Ventraco Case Study

Networking Lunch

14.30 Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement(RAP): Requirements and Specifications
  • Assessing specification and durability in line with transportation and pavement requirements
  • Analysing the role of specification and warm-mixing asphalt when recycling 
  • Reconstruction and resurfacing: Creating a high-quality, well graded product
  • The importance of improving the quality of bitumen to produce sustainable roads
  • Assessing the business case for durability vs price
Pedro Nunes, Quality Control Manager, Tecnovia
15.00 Perspectives of the Ukrainian Asphalt Market
  • Corridors connecting EU with Eastern Europe and TEN-T :Challenges associated with these connections
  • Reforming the road sector in Ukraine
  • Assessing current road construction projects in Ukraine
  • Analysing local challenges: How does this affect the wider market?
Slawomir Nowak, Head of Ukrainian Road Authority, Ukravtodor
15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break
 16.15 Regional Focused Roundtables

These roundtables offer you the chance to join the group of your choice and to be led in discussion by an industry leader in that sector. This is an ideal opportunity to ease into the more informal networking of the evening, enjoying a drink while you meet delegates with similar interests and concerns.

The conference team will be in touch with you in the run-up to the conference to ask you to select the table of your choice – or if you would like to suggest a topic/leader for a discussion then contact

Roundtable One: Northwest Europe
Your Expert Leader: Jean-Louis Pettier, Bitumen Group Category Manager, BMI

Roundtable Two: Eastern Europe

Your Expert Leader: Filip Djurovic, Director of Bitumen Sales Sector, NIS Gazprom Neft

Roundtable Three: The Mediterranean
Your Expert Leader: Alfonso Berrocal, Bitumen and Oil Products Trader, Gulf Petrochem

Roundtable Four: Western Hemisphere – Americas and Caribbean
Your Expert Leader: Esteban Salinas, Director, Latin America & Caribbean, International Road Federation
17.00  Roundtable Leader Conclusions
17.15 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks and End of Day One
Lloyd Thomas, Vice-President, Consulting Services, Argus
Networking Drinks Reception - Cálem Port House Tour *

Join your colleagues for a port house tour with local port tasting included, followed by some informal drinks and canapes – an opportunity to cement new relationships and to catch up with old and new friends in the sector.

*Transportation between the Crown Plaza hotel and the Cálem Port House will be provided.


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Main Agenda Day 2 — Thursday 24 May 2018

09.30 Registration and Exhibition Opening
Chairperson's Recap
Lloyd Thomas, Vice-President, Consulting Services, Argus
2020 IMO and the Supply of Bitumen vs Rubber Modified Bitumen
  • Analysing bitumen production with different types of crudes: Where are we now and what further preparation can be made?
  • Analysing the landscape of rubber modified bitumen production in Hungary
  • Utilization of rubber crumbs derived from waste tyres
  • A fully economical and environmentally friendly product: Increasing the quality of bitumen binders for road construction
  • If there is a decrease in supply, what does this mean for road development?
  • What does a reduction in vacuum residue output mean for asphalt usability? 
Andras Geiger, PhD, Bitumen Quality Expert, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company

11.00 Eastern European Market Update
  • New sources of supply in the region
  • Assessing how new infrastructure investment is fuelling demand
  • Outlook in this region, and how this affects the global picture
Tomasz Borodziej, Bitumen Sales Manager, ONICO
11.30 Morning Refreshment Break
Assessing Iranian Production and Supply 
  • Analysing production and volume in Iran
  • Identifying sustainable sources of bitumen in a variety of specifications
  • Does an increase in shipping mean more dominance for the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern market in Europe?
  • Evaluating logistics systems and storage facilities 
Mohsen Heidarian, Commercial Director, Jey Oil Refining 
12.30  Examining Resilience and Rejuvenation in Road Construction
  • Analysing the resilience of roads to extreme weather conditions
  • Sustainability in procurement and ongoing projects
  • Sustainability and recycling: How does this alter the planning and preparation of roads
  • Assessing the changes in demand for versatile bitumen to create versatile road construction 
  • Transportation and opportunity for construction in the inner city: Building or repaving?
Jan-Erik Lundmark, Senior Advisor Pavement Maintenance, Swedish Transport Administration
Pavement Preservation and Rejuvenation to Maintain Value of Roads
  • Self-driving Car Asphalt Pavements; present day Outlook
  • Determining new focuses of pavements: Cyclists, pedestrians and different climates
  • Assessing the need to reduce the temperature in pavement works
  • Mastering Asphalt Performance Project; the nano and microstructure of asphalt pavements 
  • The use of waste and recycling: Rubber from roads, to recycling asphalt in pavements
  • Analysing the growth in the use of wrapping for recycling
José Javier García Pardenilla, Managing Director of Ditecpesa Asphalt Products, Ferrovial
Leticia Parra Rodriguez, Technical Manager of Ditecpesa Asphalt Products, Ferrovial
13.30 Networking Lunch Break
14.30 Producing Environmentally-friendly Bitumen
  • Assessing the use of rubber to create a greener product and increase its sustainability
  • Analysing the use of cooking units in refineries: What impact will this have on the volume of production?
  • Incorporating recycled tyre rubber into bitumen mixes to increase their sustainability and performance
  • Critiquing the value and price of adding this product to your refinery
  • Contemplating sulphur: What to do with the sulphur content of the product
Jorge Sousa, Director, Rubberized Asphalt Foundation
15.00 Asphalt Rejuvenation: Sustainable Processes for a Greener Product
  • Self-healing technology: A greener product with high performance 
  • How will bitumen be used in the future?
  • Restoring bitumen to 100pc: The role of additives and modifiers in recycling
  • Does the future lie in investing in technology, or in using modifiers and emulsions to improve asphalt or bitumen quality?
  • Recycling asphalt in volatile markets: Strategies to ensure asphalt recycling when bitumen prices are low
Gülay Malkoç, Technical Director, Turkish Asphalt Contractors Association (ASMUD)
15.30 Closing Remarks and End of Conference
Lloyd Thomas, Vice-President, Consulting Services, Argus

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