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NiCoMo | 1 — 2 March 2018

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NiCoMo — working agenda:

Thursday 1 March | NiCoMo Event day one

08:00 Registration and Morning Coffee
09:00 Producer's Welcome
Tonika Campbell
, Metals Conference Producer, Argus
09:05 Chairperson's Welcome
Nigel Tunna, Vice President, Metals Business Development, Argus
 09:15 Five-in-a-Row Networking Session

Pricing and Market Overview

Cobalt Global Outlook and Challenges
  • Cobalt market review
  • Cobalt for a modern sustainable world
  • Prospects and key challenges
David Weight, President, The Cobalt Institute (CI)
10:00   Evolution of the LME Product Suite for the NiCoMo Market
  • The history of LME nickel and its pricing
  • Overview of molybdenum and cobalt at the Exchange
  • Assessing how the LME is evolving its current product offering, and developing new contracts to fit market needs
Marko Kusigerski, Head of Ferrous, London Metals Exchange
Outlook for Low-Carbon and Medium Ferro-Chrome
  • Current market overview
  • Price developments and trade restrictions
  • Analysing supply and demand for FeCr products
  • How is high-carbon FeCr faring within current market conditions? 
  • Future market prospects
Claes Lundman, General Manager Cell Mark Metals Division, Cell Mark Metals / Sonaco Trading 
11:00  Morning Networking Break 

Sourcing and Supply

An Update on the Chrome Industry
  • Global market update
  • Chrome ore supply: An overview
  • New applications and end uses of chrome
  • Chrome demand: A review of the stainless steel and chemical markets
Philippe Richard, Secretary General, International Chromium Development Association 

Global Molybdenum Supply and Demand

  • What are the growing demand trends and deficits?
  • Will stainless steel drive molybdenum?
  • Addressing oversupply in China and future global concerns
  • Molybdenum prices: 2017 trends and how they affect the outlook for 2018
Barbara Buck, Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, Climax Molybdenum Company
12:45  State of the Exploitation of Reference Ores in the DRC
  • Amalgamating the practice of the industry to find solutions for responsible cobalt supply chain
  • Increasing awareness to obtain general knowledge to address responsible cobalt sourcing
  • Progressing from confidential practices: Sharing expertise to reduce irresponsible sourcing of cobalt 
  • Responsible sourcing programme outside of core minerals: Prioritising raw materials
  • What can industries do around this? vs. what the industry is doing already?

Alexis Mikandji, Director General, CEEC, Ministry of Mines, Democratic Republic of Congo

13:15  Networking Lunch Break
 Nickel and Cobalt in Asia-Pacific
  • Analysing nickel and cobalt supply and demand in Asia-Pacific
  • Assessing mining policies in Indonesia and the Philippines
  • New cobalt production: What is due on stream and when?
  • How has the relaxation of Indonesian nickel ore exports affected stainless steel investment in the country?
  • Stainless steel demand in China: Will it continue to grow?
Denis Sharypin, Head of Market Research, Norilsk Nickel

Unconventional Cobalt Deposits and their Implications on Cobalt Processing

  • Assessment of new cobalt prospects
  • Cobalt as the main pay mineral 
  • Evaluating from a processing and supply point of view
Reiner Haus, Managing Director, Dorfner Anzaplan
 15:45 Afternoon Networking Break 
16:30  Morocco's Experience in Cobalt Development 
  • Cobalt development as a primary metal from tailings and arsenide’s ore
  • Project update on Bouazzer Mine
  • Evaluating from a processing and supply point of view
Intissar Benzakour, Scientific Director, Managem Group
17:00  Cobalt Panel Discussion
  • Update on the cobalt industry
  • Industry drivers
  • New sources of production and supply
  • Projected uptake and future prospect
Panel Chair: Anthony Milewski, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Cobalt 27


Tony Southgate
, Head of Strategic Cobalt Marketing, Eurasian Resources Group
Gordon Buchanan
, Senior Trader, Stratton Metal Resources
Damian Brousse
, Managing Director, Wogen

 17:30  Chairperson’s Closing and End of NiCoMo Day One
 Nigel Tunna, Vice President, Metals Business Development, Argus
17:35  NiCoMo Networking Drinks Reception

Friday 2 March | NiCoMo Event day two

08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee
 09:13 Chairperson's Recap

Nigel Tunna
, Vice President, Metals Business Development, Argus

 Manufacturing and Production: Alloys and Catalysts

09:15   Assessing Nickel and Cobalt Alloys
  • Evaluating nickel and cobalt-based alloys in relation to high-value stainless
  • How nickel-based alloys affect pricing
  • Nickel alloys in mineral processing
  • Nickel and cobalt alloys for aircraft engine applications
  • What effect will the consolidation of alloys have on steel mills?
Randall Insero, Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Pratt & Whitney
09:45   Nickel Cobalt and Molybdenum in Hydroprocessing Catalyst
  • An overview of catalyst production
  • Analysing the use of cobalt used in catalyst
  • Repercussions for society: The importance of catalysts in everyday life
Eelco Vogt, Research and Development Director, Albemarle Catalysts Company
10:15   Assessing the Prospects of Ferro-Nickel and Ferro-Chrome in the Ferro-alloys Industry
  • New ferro-nickel projects in Indonesia: How are they contributing to the supply and demand landscape?
  • What role is South Africa having in ferro-chrome’s current volatile market?
  • Unpredictability in investment and instability in the supply chain: Assessing the correlation between prices and new sources
  • A brighter outlook for ferro-alloys: Prospects for ferro-nickel and ferro-chrome
Michael Lillja, Marketing Director, Afarak Group
10:45 Morning Networking Break
 11:15  Assessing Crude Refining Catalysts
  • Evaluating nickel, molybdenum and cobalt for crude refining 
  • Changing requirements for crude refining catalysts 
  • Specifications of specialty metals used in catalysts
  • Evaluating the environmental importance of securing raw materials recycling
Fabio Maggiore, Sales Manager, Hobrè Instruments
11:45   Roundtable Discussions

These roundtables offer you a chance to join the group of your choice and to be led in discussion by an industry expert. This is an ideal opportunity to ease into the more informal networking of the evening, enjoying a drink while you meet delegates with similar interests and concerns. 

The conference team will be in touch with you in the run-up to the conference to ask you to select your table of choice – if you would like to suggest a topic/leader for a discussion, please contact

Roundtable title 1: Base Metals
Expert Leader: Barry Jackson
, Principal Market Analysis Nickel,  Anglo American

Roundtable title 2: Alloys and Ores
Expert Leader: Carl Landuydt, Managing Director, Aperam Sourcing

Roundtable title 3: Li-ion
Expert Leader: Edward Lauer
, Head of Portfolio Optimisation, Eurasian Resources Group

Roundtable title 4: Scrap and Recycling
Expert Leader: Catherine Girard
, Expert Leader Energy and Raw Materials, Groupe Renault
 12:45 Networking Lunch Break

The Steel and Stainless Steel Market

Evaluating Steel Production
  • Addressing challenges for new product sources in volatile markets
  • Assessing steel production and what this means for raw materials
  • Risky borders: Contesting supply risk in a globalised world when sourcing raw materials
  • How is this affecting the overall supply and demand landscape?
Nigel Clarke, Manager Alloys and Metals Procurement, Liberty Speciality Steels

Recycling and Scrap 

Catalyst and Metallic Oxide Recycling: Pyro Metallurgical Process
  • Key contributions from the nickel and cobalt market in recycling
  • Analysing the versatility of nickel, cobalt and molybdenum: Low carbon, high density and sustainability
  • Catalyst recycling: Waste and processing when covering metals
  • Increasing domestic scrap: How are recyclers adapting to modern market needs?
Stephane Chorlet, Sales and Marketing Vice-President, Erasteel - VALDI
 15:15   Chairperson's Closing Remarks
 Nigel Tunna, Vice-president, Metals Business Development, Argus
 15:20 Afternoon Networking Break 

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