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Argus Olefins and Aromatics European Seminar 2017

Methanol Breakfast Briefing - 30th September 2017

07.00 – 09.00

Exploring the developments in global methanol supply and demand over recent years

This interactive workshop will examine developments in the global methanol industry, including supply and demand over recent years, how to expand into new markets, regulatory developments, challenges faced, and the impact on Europe as a result of changing global dynamics. Attend the breakfast briefing to learn about current and predicted key “new uses” for methanol that could further impact traditional methanol market fundamentals, and prepare your business to be successful within the market.

Who is the breakfast briefing for?

The methanol breakfast briefing is for methanol experts looking to assess changing supply and demand dynamics. And it is for petrochemical companies, traders, supply managers, directors and purchasing managers across the petrochemicals sector looking to gain invaluable knowledge of the global methanol industry.

Led by:
Tony Devlin, Vice-President, Methanol, Argus
Greg Dolan
, Chief Executive Officer, Methanol Institute

* The Methanol Breakfast Briefing is separately bookable

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