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Argus US Natural Gas Markets 2016

2016 sponsors

IIR Energy’s NatGas Live provides accurate, reliable and timely fundamental market data for the North American natural gas markets to NYMEX traders, basis traders and analysts. Key comprehensive coverage of market details and drivers ensures participants have the most complete market understanding available.

In today’s uncertain world of abundant natural gas supply and market volatility, IIR Energy helps ease your daily routine by synthesizing, distilling and contextualizing the endless market data fundamentals. This data is then combined with IIR’s unique phone-verified market research and methodology, allowing views of the natural gas markets that are easy to manage and interpret.
Being able to engage in better, clearer and faster decision-making allows users to better monetize their positions in the market with confidence.

IIR utilizes empirical data to connect all the disparate dots to paint the complete picture of natural gas markets, with continuous dynamic updates as events and operations change. NatGas Live is the means to partake in an expanded Market Intelligence conversation, driven by your questions and requests for customized reports.

Historic, current, and future views support all fundamental analytics for cash and term positions.

NatGas Live provides high-level summaries of natural gas flows, production, supply and demand, as well as granular information on the status of all midstream, power generation and industrial infrastructure.

IIR Energy brings together comprehensive real-time information on:

  • Pipeline Flows
  • Production
  • Drilling
  • Processing
  • Transmission
  • Storage
  • Power Burn
  • Industrial Demand
A cutting-edge data aggregation service uses a highly functional user interface already familiar to analysts to allow them a simple, speedy way to evaluate tremendous amounts of relevant data.

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Energy Commodity  Risk Management  +  Trading Advisory

Gelber & Associates utilizes its understanding of market fundamentals, dynamic price forecasting techniques, and knowledge gained through daily involvement with trading floors and over-the-counter markets, to develop risk management and trading advice. The firm offers its services to clients as standardized products or as customized solutions developed to meet unique client needs. Gelber & Associates was established by Arthur Gelber in 1990 concurrent with the introduction of the NYMEX natural gas futures contract in the United States. We have since expanded into power, crude oil, oil products, regulatory compliance and technology solutions.

Gelber’s client list includes international industrials, commercial real estate companies, merchant power generators, natural gas distribution companies, electric utilities, public utility commissions, and educational institutions. Gelber’s philosophy is to sit on the client’s side of the table, drawing on a unique combination of risk assessment, trading acumen, and market access to create and deliver effective energy solutions.


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Saint Arnold Brewing Company Tour and Reception

St Arnold Brewery Logo

Date: Thursday, April 28th

Time: 4:45 PM - 7:00 PM

Speed Networking and Wine Tasting

Argus Event Networking

Date: Wednesday, April 27th

Time: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Lunch and Roundtable Discussion

Date: Thursday, April 28th 

Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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