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Global crude market review

Steve Puckett, Founder and Managing Director, Tri-Zen

Competitive fuel landscape: Has petroleum coke gained back its competitive edge?

Abdul Hadhi,  Editor, Coal and Petcoke - Asia Pacific, Argus

Petroleum coke forum - Leveraging on the oppotunities available

Stuart Ehrenreich, Global Green Coke Leader, Alcoa

Vedanth Vasant, President, Future Carbon Solutions

 China's refining developments and the impact on petroleum coke production

Paper by:
Miao Zhao, Senior Engineer, PetroChina Planning and Engineering Institute

Presented by:
Hua Fang, Director & Vice General Manager, Suzhou Kaiyuan Chemical Co.

English | Chinese

Outlook of petroleum coke production in Iran

Eskandar Ilkhan, President, Iranian Petrocoke Corp.

Presented by:
Amir Reza, Iranian Petrocoke Corp.

Potential of India as a strong exporter in near future

Nitin M Ambhaikar, Vice-President, Reliance Industries

Calcined Petroleum coke growth in India

Rakesh Himatsingka, Chairman & Managing Director, India Carbon

Close focus on Asia supply and demand of cement

Patrick Peenaert, Vice-President (World Solid Fuels Sourcing), LaFarge

Presented by:
Lee Hyung Woo, Strategic Sourcing Director (Solid Fuels Asia), LaFarge Group

Outlook of China's aluminum market

You Zhenping, Aluminum & Carbon Analyst, Antaike

Economics of using petroleum coke in power generation

Kerry Satterthwaite, Petroleum Coke Analyst, Roskill Information Services

Growing potential of petcoke use in chemicals manufacturing via methanol

Leo T. Wirawan, Consultant & Director of Multi-Client Studies Asia, Methanol Market Services Asia