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We would like to thank all the participants who made this conference successful.

 Argus East of Suez Products Conference

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The inaugural EOS conference ended successfully with an average of 80 attendees. The conference was content specific where market participants discussed on the changing oil products market focusing primarily on the Asia, Australia and Middle-Eastern region.

Throughout the conference our expert speaker panel delved into the topic by focusing on the updates in the various products standings  giving views not only from a market perspective but from a traders perspective analysing on the potential changing numbers and what will the implications be.

 Argus East of Suez Products Conference
Overall, the conference was a success with excellent feedbacks and satisfied delegates.

Asia-Pacific will be the key to offsetting the decline in oil demand growth in industrialised countries. Growth has remained robust despite rising oil prices and the threat of an economic slowdown.

Increasing refinery capacity will trigger changes to regional supply and distribution patterns. Mideast Gulf and Asia-Pacific refiners will benefit from a worsening middle distillates deficit in Europe. But robust domestic demand could limit export volumes, especially amid stricter environmental regulations coming into force that will impact gasoline, gasoil and bunker markets.

The Argus East of Suez Products Conference 2013 explored how market developments in Asia will affect supply/demand fundamentals, pricing outlook and trading patterns of petroleum products.

Speakers shared key insights on the implications of refinery closures in Europe and Australia, Indonesia’s additional refinery capacity and its evolving role in Asia, the main factors driving China’s independent or teakettle refinery demand and the current and future energy plans of Japan.

 Conference Highlights

  • Crude availability and the impact on light-heavy product spreads
  • European and Australian refinery closures – Impact on Asian product markets
  • Indonesia’s evolving relationship with Asia – Has its import dependence changed with additional refining capacity?
  • Japan’s energy plan – Will there be a continued dependence for oil-fired power in the short term?
  • Updates on refinery investments and the drive to meet Asia’s diesel-centred demand
  • Alternative petrochemical feedstocks for Asian crackers
  • Main factors driving teakettle refinery demand

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 Argus East of Suez Products Conference

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