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Argus ESPO Conference 2013

The Argus ESPO Conference 2013 conference was held on 13-14 November, in Singapore.

Russia faces a complex task in balancing supplies to the east and the west as it aims to boost oil shipments to Asia-Pacific. The world’s largest crude producer must maintain the quality of Urals in the west, without significantly altering the quality of ESPO Blend to the east. It must also meet growing long-term requirements from China, satisfy solid spot demand from other base-load buyers in Asia-Pacific and supply increasing amounts of crude to domestic refineries.

The Argus ESPO Conference 2013 brought together executives, traders and decision makers from around the world to Asia’s trading hub for two days of discussions about the future role of ESPO crude in shaping energy flows across the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

Discussion Topics included:

  • Russia’s oil industry consolidation: the way forward
  • ESPO supply outlook: volumes, trade flows and quality
  • Trading opportunities: where does ESPO fit in the global crude supply chain?
  • China-Russia crude oil trading: Opportunities and challenges
  • South Korea: ESPO as replacement for Middle East crudes
  • Japan: base-load demand supports Far East prices
  • Refinery capacity expansion in Asia-Pacific and its demand for Russian crude
  • Review of 2013 ESPO trade flows and outlook of freight rates for Mideast to Northeast Asia
  • Barriers and opportunities for a cleared ESPO derivatives market
  • Potential acceptance of a Russian marker for Asian crude trade
  • ESPO: Emerging benchmark - Market diversification

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