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Argus FMB Asian Technical Fertilizer - NPKs: Multi-Nutrient Fertilizers 2014

The Argus FMB Asian Technical Fertilizer Conference and Exhibition – NPKs: Multi-Nutrient Fertilizers 2014 was held on 3-4 June in Singapore.

This inaugural conference brought together international market participants to discuss a diverse range of topics from NPK fertilizer use in tropical crops, the formulations, quality and efficiency of current applications to market developments in primary, secondary and micro nutrients.

The speaker panel included representatives from Thai Central Chemical (TCCC), Vale Fert, Behn Meyer AgriCare, Eurochem Agro, Uralkali, Rio Tinto Minerals Asia (RTM) and many more.

Discussion Topics included:

  • Changing Market for NPKs and its Implications for Production
  • NPK Fertilizer Outlook for the Rice Industry
  • Updates on the Fertilizer Systems for Oil Palm in Southeast Asia
  • Insights into NPK Formulation (03-17-00)
  • Quality of Wet Granulation Fertilizers in Malaysia
  • Improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency Using Inhibitors
  • Providing Technology to the Fertilizer Producer: Different Options to Address Different Needs
  • Granulation by Compaction – Developments and Economics
  • Production Outlook for Phosphate Fertilizers
  • Management of K-content in NPK Formulas Relative to Crops Needs
  • Micronutrients for Balanced Crop Nutrition – Outlook for Asia
  • Boron as a Micronutrient
  • Importance of Zinc Additions in NPK Fertilizers

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