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Argus Australia and Global LNG Markets 2015 was held on 11 March in Brisbane.

The Australian east coast gas market is in the midst of a seismic shift after it began first LNG exports at the end of 2014. Initial LNG ramp-up gas supplies will continue to exert downwards pressure on forward spot pricing in the domestic market for some time. But Asia’s ability to absorb spot LNG supplies will ultimately drive a new pricing paradigm in the Australian east coast gas market in the years to come.

This conference discussed how dynamics in the Asian and global LNG markets plays out in the coming years and its impact in Australian east coast gas pricing

Discussion Topics:

  • Key drivers in global LNG spot markets
  • Outlook for Gladstone spot supplies
  • Falling oil prices – what do these mean for future LNG export projects globally?
  • Asia and the push away from oil-indexed LNG pricing
  • Henry Hub pricing and its impact on Australian LNG
  • Examining China’s growth potential - what does the Russia - China pipeline deal mean for Australian LNG projects?
  • LNG netback versus hub gas - which new Australian east coast gas pricing paradigm will prevail?
  • Building liquidity and developing a forward curve in east coast

The speaker presentations from the conference are available for purchase.

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