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Argus East of Suez Oil Products Conference 2015

Argus East of Suez Oil Conference 2015 – An Evaluation

The Argus East of Suez Oil Conference 2015 was held on 29-30 June at Carlton Hotel, Singapore. The third annual event brought together national oil companies, traders, analysts, financial institutions, brokerages and shipping companies.

Lower oil prices and economic growth that is generating stronger oil demand formed the main backdrop to the conference this year. Crude is 44pc cheaper than it was a year ago and product margins, particularly for transport fuels, reflect the strength in global consumption. The rise in refining margins is encouraging refiners to run flat out. But even with the strong demand, speakers argued that oversupply is more advanced.

Day two of the conference schedule was a half-day exclusive with former trader and Argus executive, Kevin Wright, who gave insights into the fundamentals of trading. 

The conference provided market updates and forecasts, an in-depth introduction into the fundamentals of being a trader, and networking opportunities that enabled delegates to leave the event with value-added information and a wider network.

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