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Argus FMB Technical Fertilizer Conference and Exhibition 2015 : NPK Fertilizers 2015

The Argus FMB Asian Technical Fertilizer Conference and Exhibition – NPK Fertilizers 2015 conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand over 3-5 June. With over 130 participants from 25 countries, this timely event brought together international producers and consumers, as well as agronomists, researchers and soil science experts to discuss the current market and technology drivers in the NPK industry.

Main Discussion Themes included:

  • Country analysis – demand and supply of the different formulations of NPK fertilizers in Thailand, India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Production technology showcase – developments and economics
  • Limitation of nutrient loss: Can variable solubilities and coating encapsulation resolve this issue?
Delegates also had an exclusive opportunity to visit Thai Central Chemical’s (TCCC) compound chemical fertilizer plant located in Nakhon Luang district in Ayutthaya province. This site visit allowed delegates a close-up look at TCCC’s production and laboratory facilities.

Many thanks to our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates who contributed to the success of the conference. The speaker presentations from the conference are available for purchase. Contact us for more information.

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Argus FMB has a global strategy study NPKs – A New Future, which assesses the structure of the global NPK market, with analysis of the latest trade data, including imports and exports during 2005-13, together with detailed notes and commentary into the major NPK sectors, the producers and their capacity in key regions.

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