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An annual meeting place to discuss and learn about the latest industry developments

The Argus European Crude conference took place on 13 October 2015 at Le Richemond on the banks of Lake Geneva. The conference coverered global supply, demand and pricing, in both the physical and paper markets, with a specific focus on the impact on the European market.

Agenda Highlights included:

  • Global crude oil supply and trade flows
  • How are geopolitical factors contributing to global supply disruption?
  • A review of Iraqi crude oil production and regional developments
  • Perspectives on the future of Russian crude
  • How the easing of Iran sanctions
  • The evolving dynamics of the European refining landscape
  • Assessing the growth and sustainability of demand from Asia-Pacific
  • A review of crude benchmark developments.

Speaker Highlights Included:

 Falah Alamri Dr Falah Alamri
Director General

Jonathan Kolleck 

Jonathan Kollek,
Trafigura Eurasia

 Seth Kleinman

Seth Kleinman
Global Head of Energy Strategy

 David Fyfe
David Fyfe
Chief Economist
Gunvor Group
 Armand Lumens
Armand Lumens
Executive Vice President, Finance
Shell Trading & Supply
 Eirik Waerness
Eirik Waerness
Chief Economist

The 2015 conference gathered over 120 attendees from the crude industry across Europe and beyond, from more than 75 companies in 25 countries. View more about our 2015 attendees

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