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Alexey Rodichev,
Director, Hydrocarbon Feedstock Division,  SIBUR

Alexey Rodichev joined Sibur in 2006 as part of the financial team, working both at the company’s headquarters and at one of its production sites. Since 2013, Alexey has been Commercial Director for Sibur’s hydrocarbon feedstock business unit, responsible for all energy products marketing and sales for the company.

Abdurrahman KurucakAbdurrahman Kurucak, Energy Expert, Turkish Energy Market Regulation Authority

Abdurrahman Kurucak is an energy expert at Turkey’s energy market regulatory authority EMRA. The fundamental objective of EMRA is set forth in its founding document as to ensure the development of financially sound and transparent energy markets operating in a competitive environment and the delivery of sufficient, good quality, low cost and environment-friendly energy to consumers and to ensure the autonomous regulation and supervision of electricity, natural gas, fuel and LPG markets. Abdurrahman has more than 10 years experience in the oil and gas market and is currently working in EMRA’s LPG market department where he is responsible for technical regulation and monitoring of the Turkish LPG market. Abdurrahman has a BS and an MS degree in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University in Ankara. He has another MS degree in energy management and policy from Penn State University in Pennsylvania.
Anders Lalim
Anders Lalim,
Director, Gas Department, Lorentzen & Stemoco AS, Oslo

Anders Lalim is Director, Gas Department at Lorentzen & Stemoco in Oslo. Anders started his oil broking career in 1982 with Joachim Grieg & Co. In 1983 he joined Noresi Trading as an oil trader and subsequently became Managing Director at NSO in 1984. From 1989 to 1997, Anders was a shipbroker with Stemoco, followed by Fearnley. In 1997, he rejoined Lorentzen & Stemoco. Anders graduated from Universita di Perugia, Italy, with a BA in History and Literature and also attended the Royal Naval College, Royal Norwegian Navy.

Guray IsikgunerGuray Isikguner, Import Manager, OMV Petrol Ofisi

Guray Isikguner is import manager at OMV Petrol Ofisi, the second-largest private-sector oil company in Turkey. It has 2,200 filling stations, one lubricants plant, 11 fuel and three LPG terminals, 19 aviation units and about 1.3mn m³ of storage capacity in the country.

Harald Bauer
, Vice President Supply, Flaga Group 

Harald Bauer has been vice-president, supply, at Flaga since October 2010. He is responsible for a business with LPG sales as well as primary logistics including RTC fleet management. Harald began his career in the LPG business as an engineer at Flaga in 1982. In 1992, he became general manager of Flaga Tech Trade and opened an office in Moscow, selling gas appliances in Russia. From 1995 to 2010, Harald was general manager for the Flaga LPG Retail business in the Czech Republic. Flaga made two acquisition during this period — BP Gas and Cesky Plyn — and the company is now a leader in the Czech LPG market.


Mete Murat Akalin, Energy Expert, Turkish Energy Market Regulation Authority (EPDK) Mete Murat Akalin has been working in the LPG market department of Turkey’s energy market regulatory authority EMRA since 2005. Prior to taking up his current role, Mete worked for EMRA’s petroleum market department from 2003-05 and the electricity market department from 2002-03. Before that he served as deputy director of the Turkish grain board in charge of Erzurum province, having worked as a foreign trade specialist for the board since 1989. Originally from Ankara, Mete has a master’s degree in management from Ankara Gazi university, and a management degree from the Middle East technical university in Ankara.
Mark Plyte,
Financal Director, DCC Energy LPG
Mark Plyte is financial director of Flogas, which supplies LPG, propane and butane to household and industrial consumers across the UK.
Mary Jane HoggMary-Jane Hogg, Commercial Director Feedstocks, Dow Europe

Mary-Jane Hogg is commercial director for liquid feedstocks within the hydrocarbons and energy department at Dow Europe. Mary-Jane Hogg joined Dow in the UK in 1988. Moving through a variety of sales roles in performance plastics and specialty chemicals both in the UK and in Germany, she moved to Switzerland in 2001 to take the role of Marketing Manager of Hygiene and Medical Polyolefins and New Business Development Manager INSPIRE* Performance Polymers for Dow Europe. In 2004, Mary-Jane was appointed Product Director of Polypropylene for the Europe IMEA region, and in 2009 added responsibility for the HDPE business. In 2010, she moved to her current position within the Hydrocarbons and Energy department. In addition to her business responsibilities, she chairs the Dow Europe MEAF India Women’s Network. Mary-Jane holds an MBA from The Open University and a BSc (Hons) degree in Chemistry from the University of Surrey (UK), speaks French and German and is studying Spanish. Married with two children, she is passionate about encouraging women to aspire to move forward in their careers while living a real life, whatever that means for each individual. Her spare time is spent with her family on ski slopes and golf courses, and in her Swiss garden, which lies at higher altitude than the highest mountain in England.
 Oleksandr Gryshko
, Head of Foreign Trade Department, Nadezhda
Oleksandr Gryshko heads the foreign trade department at Ukrainian private equity company Nadezhda, where has worked since 2005. He studied financial management at the Faculty of Finance, Poltava State Technological University, Ukraine.

Bart van Aerle,
CEO, Prins Autogassystemen, a Westport Company

Bart P.J. van Aerle is Chief Executive of Prins Autogassystemen, a world leader in alternative fuel systems. Bart started his career in the LPG market in 1996 as a trainee in quality and sales, and in 1998 held the position of manager of sales and purchasing. In 1999, he spent a year as sales manager in Southampton, UK. Bart has been with Prins Autogassystemen since 2000, firstly as commercial director before moving to his current role as CEO of the company in 2006. Bart completed his education at H.T.S.  Eindhoven and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and engineering.

Tom Streatfeild,
LPG Broker, OTC

Tom Streatfeild has been an LPG broker at OTC since 2013. OTC serves more than 450 institutional clients, including over 70 members of the Global Fortune 500, and transacts in hundreds of different commodity delivery points in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Tom previously worked in oil exploration and production for US oil service company Schlumberger for 10 years in the US, Malaysia, Brunei and Azerbaijan before joining OTC as a physical broker.
 Jonathan Benchimol, Director, Fogas

Jonathan Benchimol has been involved in the LPG industry since 1987 and is actively working with government, regulators and agencies to promote the use of LPG. He is currently chief operating officer of Fogás and president of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Gas Licuado de Petróleo (AIGLP). He has a master’s degree in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and undergraduate degree in economics from the Oklahoma State University.

Linda Gomersall

Linda Gomersall, General Manager, Autogas UK

Linda Gomersall is general manager of Autogas UK, a joint venture between by UK LPG supplier Calor Gas and Shell Retail. 


James Rockall ,  CEO and managing director, WLPGA

 James Rockall is the Chief Executive and Managing Director of the World LPG Association (WLPGA).  Based in Paris, he has full responsibility for legal, financial, operational, strategic, governance and performance-related aspects of the organisation, with customers operating in more than 125 countries around the world.

 James has over 20 years of global experience in the energy sector having worked for 10 years at Shell International in project management and business development in the Netherlands and Venezuela. Prior to joining the WLPGA, James was a Director at global energy group Alstom

James is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with a master’s degree from the University of Nottingham, UK, and an MBA from the Institute of Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Antonio Neves Costa

Antonio Neves Costa, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, AEGPL

Antonio Neves Costa is public affairs and communications manager at European LPG association AEGPL.  Antonio has been at AEGPL since May 2015 and has over seven years of experience working in public affairs and communication in Brussels and his native Lisbon. He has worked for academic bodies, global public affairs multinational and communication agencies, as well as on political campaigns. He acts as the interface between AEGPL and the media and policy makers in Brussels and other European capitals.

Salvatore Piccolo,
Head of Automotive, Assogasliquidi

Salvatore Piccolo has been autogas manager at Italian LPG industry association Assogasliquidi since April 2010. He was previously the chair of European LPG association AEGPL’s automotive commission in 2007-8. Salvatore holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Naples Federico II and a Master’s in web-based systems analysis from Daimler-Chrysler’s IT arm, the Debis Academy. Assogasliquidi represents combustion fuels, LPG and LNG production and distribution companies in Italy, as well as related supply and services firms.

Rob Hamilton,
LPG Product Broking, EA Gibson

Rob Hamilton works on the LPG product broking desk at international shipbroker EA Gibson.  The company’s portfolio covers crude and petroleum products, LNG, LPG and dry cargoes, and the offshore and chemical sectors worldwide.
David AppletonDavid Appleton, Senior Analyst, Argus Consulting

David Appleton is a Senior Analyst at Argus, specialising in LPG. He is responsible for delivery of the global and European LPG statistical reviews that Argus publishes in partnership with WLPGA and AEGPL each year, as well as leading other LPG projects. Prior to joining Argus, David spent six years at the European LPG Association, where in his role as public affairs manager, he promoted and defended the interests of the downstream European LPG sector in the Brussels energy policy sphere. David holds a BscEcon in European Studies and a Masters in International Development.
Andres LaskaratosAndreas Laskaratos, Head of Trading, HCCT, OTEKO Group

Andreas Laskaratos is head of trading at HCCT, part of the Oteko Group, covering international LPG trading, shipping and operations. His main focus is on the Black Sea and Mediterranean markets. Before joining Oteko in2013, Andreas was involved in several LPG shipping projects. He started his career with Lloyds, in shipping risk management and insurance.

Nick Black

Nick Black, Vice President LPG, Argus

Nick Black is vice president, LPG Naphtha and Petrochemicals. Nick has 30 years’ experience in the oil industry and 21 years at Argus. He has an MA degree from Oxford University and speaks at LPG functions across the globe.

Sarah Rae

Sarah Rae, Vice President, Propylene, Polymers and Derivatives, Argus DeWitt

Sarah has worked with Argus Dewitt for the past 18 months as its propylene consultant focusing primarily on Europe and the Middle East. For 17 years Sarah held senior strategic purchasing management positions at Ineos, Tessenderlo Chemie and Rhodia, responsible for a wide range of materials including olefins, fertilizers and commodity raw materials. Prior to this, Sarah held various management and project roles covering most aspects of the chemical business including business management, sales, planning and logistics. She graduated with a degree in geology from Leicester University and her first job was working with BP in the company’s UK oil exploration division.

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