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Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics

Thanks for your interest in Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics 2015. Below are a variety of resources you can download relating to the Mediterranean storage and logistics market, our upcoming and previous events, and the variety of Argus services on offer.

Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics 2015

Download the finalised 2015 agenda 

Speaker and Advisory Board Q&A

Kenan Yavuz, Chief Executive Officer and President of SOCAR Turkey, answers questions about the SOCAR Turkey Aegean Refinery project.
Download the Q&A

Jorge Guillen Garcia, Marketing and Sales Director of Products at CLH, shares his views on the challenges facing the liquid bulk storage industry across the Mediterranean.
Download the Q&A

Marc de Witte, Secretary General of the Federation of European Tank Storage Associations (FETSA), discusses the unique challenges faced by FETSA members within the Mediterranean market.
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White Papers

Phil Armstrong, EMEA Customer marketing Manager at Honeywell Process Solutions will be presenting at this year's conference on the need for user-friendly solutions for terminal operators and looking at reducing the counter-productivity of increased technologies.
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Argus Africa Storage and Logistics 2014

Argus European Products

This flagship petroleum products service is the source of the Argus Rotterdam Eurobob gasoline assessment, which is the standard index for northwest European physical and swap markets.
The Argus methodology reflects real trading behaviour and is developed in conjunction with the industry. Argus European

Products also includes intelligent analytical commentary which explains the reasons behind price movements. Subscribers can access Bulletin Boards which show intra-day deals and bid/offer information for different products markets.

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Argus is the global leader in international pricing information. This event is part of a global series, with Argus Storage & Logistics events also being held in Europe, Asia and the US.

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