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Argus European Emissions Markets 2016

  Main Conference Day One – Wednesday 2 March 2016 
08.30 – 09.30

Main Registration

Morning coffee will be served in the exhibition room


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Tom Young, Editor, Argus


Opening Keynote Address

Niclas Svenningsen, Manager, Sustainable Development Mechanisms, UNFCCC


What do the outcomes of Cop 21 mean for regional carbon markets around the world? 

This session will provide different insights into Cop 21 outcomes from the UN, business and environmental perspectives. 

- What was achieved at the Cop 21 meeting in Paris? Can this be defined as success?
- What needs to be done to ensure that intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) are realised?
- With increasing energy demand and facilities, how achievable are the targets?
- What does this mean for private-sector investors?
- How will these developments affect climate change, carbon prices and innovation? 

Carbon Pricing – is this the ultimate solution? 

This will be a senior level discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of putting a global price on carbon.  

Jeff Swartz, Director, International Policy, IETA

Richard Folland, Executive Director, CMIA

Martin Hession, International Carbon Markets, European Commission

Lisa Walker, VP Environment & Climate Change, BG Group 

Nat Keohane, Head of Climate Change, Environmental Defense Fund

11.10 Morning Coffee Break                           
  Trading and Pricing Stream  Global Carbon Markets Analysis Stream 

Examining European emissions and energy policies 10 years down the line 

15 minute presentations followed by Q&A

- Is the EU ETS absolutely fit for purpose?
- The introduction of the market stability reserve (MSR) — will it have desired impact and what potential teething problems are foreseen? 
- Examining different national and regional priorities and their impact on the EU ETS? 
-What is the outlook for phase 4?

Peter Zapfel, Head of Unit – Implementation of EU ETS, European Commission

Enno Harders, Head of Department, Industrial Installations,
German Emissions Authority 

Sarah Deblock, EU Policy Director, IETA

Overview of global emissions trading schemes (ETS) and their current status 

- What is the uptake of carbon markets in China, the US, South America and Asia? 
- What is the necessary landscape to establish a successful carbon policy and markets? 
- What are the challenges when introducing carbon pricing instruments? 
- EU ETS as a case study in international context  

Jeff Swartz, Director, International Policy, IETA

 The US 

- Analysing California’s 2030 targets and steps taken to achieve these 
- Linkage with Quebec
- How is inclusion of transport fuels affecting these targets?
- Implications of the Clean Power Plan —  how will this affect investment decisions in the medium and long term? 

Justin Johnson, Secretary of Administration, State of Vermont
12.50  Lunch
               Network with other attendees as lunch is served in the exhibition room  
   Trading and Pricing Stream 
 Global Carbon Markets Analysis Stream
 14.20  Price fluctuations over the past 12 months 
- Most recent market analyses
- How have carbon prices reacted to  changes in legislation?
- Where are prices today and where do we see them in the next five years?
- What are the indications beyond 2020?

Paolo Coghe, European Power, Coal and Carbon, Societe Generale
 China – national perspective 

- Can the scheme realistically be launched in 2017? 
- What are the results of pilot projects and how successful have they been? 
- What are the implications for other Asian countries interested in pricing carbon? 

Dan Barry, Head of Carbon Trading, BP

Zheng Xipeng,
Deputy General Manager, SinoCarbon

Li Jin, Assistant General Manager, Shanghai Environment & Energy Exchange

14.50 Why did EU carbon prices drop so much in January?
Louis Redshaw,
Managing Director, Redshaw Advisors Ltd

15.20  Afternoon Tea                          
   Trading and Pricing Stream  Global Carbon Markets Analysis Stream
Carbon leakage 

The EU has set out a clear plan for the way carbon leakage will be handled in phase 4 of the scheme. Will this be enough to spur industrial innovation?
- Assessing the impact so far
- What is the outlook after 2020?
- Effective support for industrial innovation

Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive, European Cement Association (CEMBUREAU) 

Marco Mensink,
Director General, Confederation of European Pulp and Paper Industries (CEPI)

Panel Discussion: Will an integrated carbon market emerge in the future?

- Partnership for preparing for a carbon price 
- Initiatives undertaken by the World Bank and IETA 
- Understanding the impact of these initiatives around the world 
- Where do we see the global carbon markets in the next 20 years?

Justin Johnson, Secretary of Administration, State of Vermont

Dan Barry, Head of Carbon Trading, BP

Zheng Xipeng, Vice General Manager, SinoCarbon

Jan Fousek, Independent Professional

16.20       Chairperson’s Closing Remarks 

Tom Young, Editor, Argus 
 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks 
 Networking Drinks Reception

Join us and conference attendees for an evening of hospitality — your chance to discuss the day’s presentations in an informal, off-the-record setting 

   Main Conference Day Two – Thursday 3 March 2016

Main Registration

Morning coffee will be served in the exhibition room

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 

Sarah Deblock, EU Policy Director, IETA

Keynote Address

Ian Duncan, MEP, Rapporteur for the post-2020 EU ETS Reforms 
An EU ETS finally driven by fundamentals — a new reality? 

Following the end of the political reform process, utility buying patterns are becoming increasingly important.
But is there a role for speculators within this new reality?

Tom Young, Editor, Argus
Morning Coffee 
 11.00 Session TBC

Alex Luta, Policy Analyst and Campaigner, Sandbag
11.30  Private-Sector Discussion: Understanding the stance and behaviour of big market participants 

20 minute presentations followed by Q&A

- Views on carbon leakage
- Challenges and opportunities for different sectors and their customers
- International carbon market analysis 

Carsten Schirmeisen, Head of Group Risk Management, LafargeHolcim

Susanne Kuschel, Senior Manager Energy and Climate Policy, BASF

12.30  Networking Lunch
Energy-Focused Discussion: Mapping out the future for the energy sector and decarbonisation scenarios

20 minute presentations followed by Q&A

- Translating the outcomes of the Cop 21 meeting for the energy sector
- Balancing demand dynamics with sustainable generation
- What steps are being taken and how will these affect the future 

John McElroy, Vice-Chairman, EURELECTRIC Environment and Sustainable Development Policy Committee, RWE Npower

Daniele Agostini, Head of Environmental and Low Carbon Policies, European Affairs Department, Enel

Matt Gray, Energy Investment Analyst, IEA

What do the outcomes of the Paris Cop mean for the CDM and other carbon offsetting

- The impact of EU ETS allowances (EUAs) on global mechanisms
- What is the future for the CDM and other offsetting mechanisms beyond 2016
- What will this mean for reducing emissions in least developed countries? 

Frank Wolke, Head of Section: Emissions Reduction Projects – CDM (DNA) / JI (DFP), German Emissions Authority


Roundtable discussions

These are focused, peer-to-peer discussions led by experts in each area that will give you an opportunity to have your say and have your most pressing questions answered:

Roundtable one:
Identifying the new challenges in the EU ETS and the best methods of overcoming them
Led by: Elaine Mills, Emissions Deputy Editor, Argus
Roundtable two: 
Pricing Roundtable — forecasts and discussions around where prices will end up in 2020
Led by: Jonas Rooze, Head of Power and Carbon Markets, Bloomberg
Roundtable three: 
Industry Roundtable — best practice and industry responses to changes
Roundtable four:
COP 21 Outcomes Discussion
Led by: Andrei Marcu, Head, CEPS Carbon Market Forum


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference

Sarah Deblock, EU Policy Director, IETA

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