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Mediterranean Solid Fuels 2017


Who attends Argus Mediterranean Solid Fuels?

Argus Mediterranean Solid Fuels attracts government officials, solid fuel end users, traders, coal and petroleum coke producers, transportation and logistics companies, service providers and the other industry participants from across international and domestic supply chains.

Types of companies present:

  • Power Generation Plants
  • Utilities Companies
  • Cement and Steel Producers
  • Coal Traders and Brokers
  • Coal Producers and Miners
  • Petroleum Coke Producers and Refiners
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies
  • Coal and Energy Consultants
  • Trading Technology Suppliers and Exchanges
  • Shipping and Logistics Companies
  • Inspection and Certification Providers
  • Investment Banks, Law Firms and Consultants

Types of job titles present:

  • Heads of Coal and Solid Fuel Procurement
  • Purchasing Directors
  • Coal Planning and Analysis Managers
  • Senior Coal Traders and Brokers
  • Business Development and Commercial Managers
  • Plant Managers and Directors
  • President, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager
  • Head of Coal Export and Sales
  • Ship Brokers and Chartering Managers

For information about attending, speaking or sponsoring Argus Mediterranean Solid Fuels 2018, please contact us:

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"The conference was extremely successful... I can recommend Argus Mediterranean Solid Fuels to anyone interested in the latest developments in the coal and petroleum coke markets."
- Mehmet Topeli, Energy Planning and Reporting Manager, Isken

"Very convenient for people who want to get in touch with the Mediterranean markets."
- Xavier De Vos, Physical Coal Trader, Engie

"A great opportunity for building/refreshing networks and receiving up to date information in the market."
- Fulya Coban, Fuel Trader Manager, HeidelbergCement Trading

"...from our perspective it was certainly an informative and worthwhile conference."
- Matt Vincent, Head of Coal Trading, RWE Supply and Trading

"The quality of the speakers and presentations were outstanding. It was a pleasure to be at the conference. I highly recommend the conference to any professionals working in solid fuels industry."
- Cem Ozkaya, Middle East and Africa Regional Manager, Interkarbon

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