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The Argus Caspian and Central Asian Petroleum Markets 2015 conference was held in Dubai (UAE) on 4-5 February. The conference has become one of the key events for crude and oil product market participants in the Caspian region and central Asia.

The conference was supported by the State Revenue Committee Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Special sponsors of the event were Dragon Oil and Air Astana, which was also the official airline of the conference.

The event was attended by over 100 managers and representatives of oil and shipping companies, as well as state officials from ministries and government agencies in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Iran, the UK, Switzerland and other countries.

The conference brought together prominent representatives of the industry and offered them an opportunity to discuss current market issues.

Speakers at the event included delegates from: the National Assembly of Afghanistan; the Tax Committee of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Finance; the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries; the Department of Transit and Trade Facilitation of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry; the Oil Traders Association of Kyrgyzstan; Sun Light Petroleum; ABN AMRO BANK; Atie Andishan mes Investment Company; as well as Georgian Railway and Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

The first day’s activities focused on discussion of the main trends in the Caspian crude and oil products market, the development of Caspian oil product exports to Afghanistan, trade in central Asia and China, as well as issues regarding oil and gas sector financing. The conference reports covered such problems as the development of the oil market, refining industry and transport routes in the Caspian region and central Asia. Delegates also had the opportunity to explore the issues of fuel trade and wholesale market regulation in Afghanistan.

Other discussions during the event touched upon the current status and prospects for the development of oil product and liquefied petroleum gas markets in Kyrgyzstan, crude and oil products markets in China, fuel supplies from Turkmenistan to Georgia, and a forecast of paving bitumen consumption in Kazakhstan.

During the second day speakers covered the key trends in transport infrastructure and transit route development in the region. In particular, delegates addressed the issues of Kazakhstan’s oil exports, the development of a Caspian tanker fleet, the operation of river-sea vessels in the Caspian and Black Sea basins as well as river shipments from Turkmenistan.

At the transfer pricing workshop, held on the second day of the conference, Argus presented the methodology of its research done in this area in 2014 within the framework of Kazakhstan’s law on transfer pricing. Representatives from the State Revenue Committee under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported on the latest initiatives taken by the government with regard to transfer pricing and answered questions from workshop participants.

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