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General Partner

ArgusJSC Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) exports potash fertilizers produced by JSC Belaruskali who is the top potash producer globally in terms of capacity. Every fifth ton is exported from Belarus. BPC enjoys market leadership in potash fertilizer sales being one of the largest exporters to the key regions - China, India, Brazil, South-East Asia, and Latin America.

Representative offices in Beijing, New Delhi, Singapore, and Sao Paulo represent The Company’s interests on the main markets. The headquarters in Minsk coordinates their operations. BPC exports premium quality potash fertilizers to over 100 countries. BPC’s work is based on the fundamental principles of being respectful of our buyers regardless of the value of a transaction and ready to meet the demand in any required volumes. BPC strives to support price environment in every region and is committed to following a uniform pricing policy within every country. Likewise, BPC is working to facilitate a dialogue between the consumers and producers in order to ensure global food security.



ArgusJSC Grodno Azot ranks among the largest chemical companies of Belarus forming the foundation of its petrochemical complex and specializing in production of ammonia (976 800 tpa), prilled urea (about 700 000 tpa), granular urea (about 400 000 tpa), liguid nitrogen fertilizers (UAN) (720 000 tpa), ammonium sulfate (380 000 t/year), caprolactam (140 000 tpa), methanol (about 80 000 tpa), FAME (32 000 tpa).

The enterprise also produces crystalline hydroxylamine sulfate, technical sulfuric acid of higher grade, liquid carbon dioxide, polyamide-6 (granulous), polymer composite materials, polyamide and polyester yarns (polyamide yarn light-and-heat stabilized including twisted yarn, polyamide texturized yarn BCF including twisted thermoset yarn BCF Heat-Set, polyester yarn HMLS), cord fabric greige and dipped, fabric for industrial use, wide range of consumer goods and specialty chemicals.

The company's products are widely used in agriculture and such industries as chemical and petrochemical, tyre, rubber goods, consumer goods, textile and woodworking.

Session Sponsor


ArgusOpen Joint Stock Company «Gomel Chemical Plant» is one of the largest petrochemical companies in Belarus and the country's only producing phosphorus fertilizers . In a short time , the company significantly expanded its production : factory specializes in the production of phosphate fertilizer complex and inorganic synthesis products.



  • Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium Fertilizers;
  • Nitrogen-Phosphorus Fertilizers: Superphosphate, Ammophos;
  • Liquid complex fertilizers for different crops;
  • Sulfuric acid of industrial grade;
  • Sulfuric acid of enhanced grade
  • Sodium sulfite of industrial grade;
  • Sodium sulfite of photo grade;
  • Cryolite;
  • Aerosil;
  • Rust solvent;
  • Siftom;
  • Metaphosyl;
  • Herbicides;
  • Azophos;
  • Medical Oxygen;
  • Industrial Oxygen;
  • Phosphogypsum;
  • Aluminum fluoride;
  • Electrolyte.

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