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Argus Рынок Каспия и Центральной Азии 2016

Key players of Caspian and Central Asian markets met in Dubai

Argus held the 4th international conference Argus Caspian and Central Asian Petroleum Markets in Dubai on 18–19 January 2016. The conference has become a key event for those within crude oil and oil products markets in the Caspian region and Central Asia.

The event was supported by the Ministry of Energy and State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The conference was sponsored by Sod Mongol Group, a large oil product importer.

The forwarding company Pro Logistic Services and ABN AMRO Bank, one of the largest international banks, also supported the event.

Over 120 delegates from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Switzerland, UK, Russia and other countries took part in the conference to discuss current issues of Caspian and Central Asian market. The event was attended by the leading international oil, trading and forwarding companies, including Rosneft, Vitol, CNPC International, Glencore, PetroChina International, Deltatrans Logistics, Gazprom Export», Aria Petroleum, CEFE Group, PETRONAS Carigali and others.

The discussions during the first day of the conference focused on development of crude oil and oil product market in the current conditions, prospects for Iranian industry after the recent lift of international sanctions, trade practice of energy exports and all other issues related to oil product supplies and market development in Central Asia, China and Afghanistan.

  • Vyacheslav Mischenko, Senior Vice-President, Russian and CIS, Argus in his welcome remarks expressed his gratitude to conference participant for their growing interest to the event. He underlined the increasing role of the Caspian region amid the lift of sanctions against Iran as well as intensified competition in hydrocarbon market.
The representative of the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Energy revealed the plans on development of Kazakhstan’s refining industry with the focus on implementation of refinery upgrade projects and told about the features of oil product market in the country.

  • Tsogt-Ochir Anandbazar, President of Sod Mongol Group, delivered the overview and outlook for Mongolia’s oil product market. He highlighted the importance of airport projects in the country and new product import routes to meet domestic jet fuel demand as well as the role of infrastructural projects such as Mergevan fueling complex and Khoshig Valley Airport.

Participants were able to learn about the specifics of Islamic financing of oil and gas industry, and the rules of Iranian market and legal issues related to crude oil trade between Russia and Iran. Despite the rise in crude oil production after lifting the sanctions against Iran, conference delegates expect the significant economic growth in the region in the nearest future on the back of the refining industry development and resumption of swap supplies to Iran.

Siamak Goudarzi, CEO, Open Iran Group, underlined in his report that mutually beneficial trade relations between Russia and Iran will also contribute to the development of the region.

The audience enjoyed revealing presentations about supply and infrastructure development projects in Afghanistan, current situation and forecasts of China’ crude oil and oil product market and features of trade and export supplies in Turkmenistan. These issues were covered by the reports delivered by Pasoon Sadozai, Managing Director of Sadozai Solicitors, Sergey Lukiyanov, Director General of Sun Light Petroleum, and Yagmur Kurbanov, Senior Analyst of Argus.

The round table discussion session “Trade practice in energy exports” was focused on the trade finance market and issues of transfer pricing. Kanat Dospanov, Deputy Head of Specialized Department of the State Revenue Committee of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Finance, reported the new aspects, methods and rules of pricing for export supplies of crude oil and gas condensate. He expressly noted the changes expected in Kazakhstan’s transfer pricing legislation in the nearest future, which aroused particular interest and debates among delegates.

Eugene Ganchev, Director of Energy Commodities Department, ABN AMRO Bank presented his overview of the current situation in the trade finance sector.

The first day of the conference ended with a cocktail reception.

The key topics during the second day of the conference included logistics issues and plans on transport infrastructure development in Caspian and Central Asia region. In particular, speakers touched upon the issues of tariff policy, logistic schemes, supply routes to Iran, development of new routes in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan as well as the situation in the oil cargo transportation market.

  • Kurbonkhon Saidov, Head of Inland Transport Department of Tajikistan’s Transport Ministry, told about current LPG and oil products imports, prospects for cooperation with the leading suppliers and plans on development of Tajikistan’s fuel and energy system as well as about the development of local refining industry.

  • Natig Jafarov, Head of Marketing Department of KARVAN Logistics, shared his view on the prospects for the increase of transit cargo flows through Azerbaijan and Georgia, expansion of port capacities in the region as well development of ferry transportation.

The report by Zabihullah Ziarmal, CEO, CEFE Group, with the estimate of the current situation in Afghanistan's fuel market, transport projects and expansion of fuel storages in the country generated a vivid debate among conference participants.

The next conference Argus Caspian and Central Asian Petroleum Markets will take place in Dubai in 2017.


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