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Argus FSU Fertilizer 2017

General Partner

BPCEstablished in 2013, Belarusian Potash Company is one of the leading potash exporting companies in the world.

The headquarters of BPC is located in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. The company keeps its representative offices in Brazil (Sao Paolo), China (Beijing), India (New Delhi), Singapore, and Ukraine (Kiev).

A combination of a stable market position and a flexible business strategy creates a solid basis for cooperation with all market players: importers, distributors of mineral fertilizers, industrial plants, traders, and others.

BPC has a global sales network that secures the stability of our shipments to all the regions all the year round, focusing on the actual needs of potash end consumers, and considering the specific character of each market.

BPC supplies it’s product to more than 100 countries worldwide. Belarusian potash is in demand in China, India, SEA and Oceania, Brazil and Latin America, USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East and CIS states.

BPC exports a wide range of potash fertilizers both for direct application in agriculture and for producing complex fertilizers and for industrial use: pink and white granular MOP, pink and white standard MOP, technical MOP – all these products with those chemical and physical properties that are requested in each specific case.

Belarusian MOP is delivered in shiploads, in containers, by rail, and on river barges. BPC is capable of supplying both minor lots as low as one 20-ton container and large lots of up to 80,000 tons on panamax vessels. The company capitalizes on its advantageous geographical position that makes its logistics costs one of the lowest in the industry.

Clear-cut business processes, concerted action with the producer of potash fertilizers, JSC Belaruskali, productive cooperation with partners, and the expertise of the BPC team – all these make a winning combination, that makes it possible to ship to any region around the globe in due time.

Session Sponsor

ArgusOpen Joint Stock Company «Gomel Chemical Plant» is one of the largest petrochemical companies in Belarus and the country's only producing phosphorus fertilizers. In a short time, the company significantly expanded its production: factory specializes in the production of phosphate fertilizer complex and inorganic synthesis products.


  • Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium Fertilizers;
  • Nitrogen-Phosphorus Fertilizers: Superphosphate, Ammophos;
  • Liquid complex fertilizers for different crops;
  • Sulfuric acid of industrial grade;
  • Sulfuric acid of enhanced grade
  • Sodium sulfite of industrial grade;
  • Sodium sulfite of photo grade;
  • Cryolite;
  • Aerosil;
  • Rust solvent;
  • Siftom;
  • Metaphosyl;
  • Herbicides;
  • Azophos;
  • Medical Oxygen;
  • Industrial Oxygen;
  • Phosphogypsum;
  • Aluminum fluoride;
  • Electrolyte.

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General Partner


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