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Argus Potash Analytics

Argus Potash Analytics, part of the wider Argus Analytics service, puts you firmly in control of your fertilizer information flow.

The service saves you time on your research and analysis; it provides comprehensive historical and forecast data for potash together with the tools to effectively find and use what’s relevant for you; and you receive a detailed analytical report, offering an in-depth examination of the global markets behind the numbers.


  1. Understand the long-term trends for international potash markets, on a global, regional and country level
  2. Mitigate risk by responding to prices affected by changes in supply/demand
  3. Assess where incremental supply and demand will emerge
  4. Support business plans and investment opportunities
  5. Enhance your modelling and reporting with the underlying data used by Argus consultants for their long-term strategic analysis and bespoke projects

Key features

  • Pricing, production, consumption, capacity and trade data from 2005 through to 2031
  • Price forecasts updated quarterly for the major fob benchmarks of MOP and SOP
  • Intuitive and effective search tools to work with your fertilizer data, using Excel Add-in
  • An in-depth strategy report, detailing capacities and expansion plans by producer, with analysis of the impact on the supply/demand outlook and global trade flows
  • Assessments of added value markets for potash including KCl, SOP, NOP, mixed K-Mg and compound fertilizers
  • Access to the expert consultants behind Argus’ long-term market analysis

Markets Covered

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • West Asia
  • China
  • Central Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia

For a full overview of the service, download the Argus Potash Analytics brochure.

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