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Argus Rare Earths Outlook to 2025

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Published annually, the Argus Rare Earths Annual provides an accurate and in-depth long-term analytical view of the global rare earths market over the next 10 years. 

This comprehensive report provides global rare earths supply and demand projections to 2027 - with dedicated sections on production, trade flows, stockpiles and consumption - as well as detailed price projections for base market scenarios for the same period.

Key Features

  • 10-year production, supply and demand forecasts
  • 10-year price forecasts for all covered rare earth elements
  • Detailed analysis of Chinese and global rare earths production
  • Detailed analysis of global rare earths trading and stockpiling
  • Coverage of China's rare earths policies and their market impact
  • Intelligence on potential future sources of supply and demand
  • Download: All raw data included as separate Excel spreadsheet

Markets covered

Cerium | Dysprosium | Europium | Gadolinium | Lanthanum | Neodymium | Praseodymium | Samarium | Terbium | Yttrium

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