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Argus FMB Cost and Margin Service


Drawing on its extensive platform of data and expertise across the energy and fertilizer sectors, Argus is pleased to offer a new online tool for all decision-makers with strategic interest in the merchant ammonia and urea markets. The Argus FMB Cost and Margin Service provides clients with a unique and flexible means to assess current and future competitiveness of major international producers in both markets.

Assessments of current and future costs and margins span 170 individual units across 26 countries.

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Map of analysed sites

Sites analysed

The subset chosen represents the crucial group of plants that serve the seaborne export market for ammonia and urea (plus the Canadian sector serving the US midcontinent), or with the potential for seaborne exports.

In the case of China, detailed research is conducted by local Argus experts in the company's Beijing office into the costs of urea production for 35 units based on anthracite and bituminous coal gasification and natural gas across various provinces. With China likely to export 11 mn t of urea in 2014, and more in 2015, an assessment of where the floor is for Chinese tonnage today and in the future is crucial to industry decision-makers and potential investors.

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