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Argus FMB Cost and Margin Service

Cost Curve Menu

For each product, two types of cost curves are presented:

  • Cumulative production volume by operating cost
  • Cumulative net export availability by cost to fob

Operating costs are presented in a number of formats with client-interactive options to view content. Users can select the year, choose particular regions or countries to include on the curve or leave it blank for all sites.

Viewing options include total operating costs and their summary components, namely feedstock costs, other variable costs and fixed costs.

Component Costs     

The net export cost curve adds two further key elements:

  • transportation/handling costs to fob
  • export taxes where appropriate (notably China)

Year Comparison Graph
Cost curves are available for each year from 2014 through to 2028. This allows users to compare cost curves across different years. Given recent oil price reductions, this tool is of particular use for assessing the shifting position of swing players, such as Ukraine, which face gas feedstock costs directly indexed to oil prices.





After building a curve, the user can download it as a JPEG file or export the underlying data into Excel using the CSV button.

Cost Curve Data in Excel

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Margins Graph

A unique assessment is provided of key player margins, both current and future. These are calculated as the difference between the Argus FMB forecast fob price for each site and the total cost to fob. 

The Argus FMB Margin Service provides an important tool to assess the likely competitive pressures that different producers will face over time. These pressures are likely to be significant in the next five years as new nitrogen capacity comes on stream in the US based on low-cost gas arising from the country's shale oil/gas revolution.

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Argus FMB’s extensive research history and feedstock expertise allows analysis down to site level and a high level of price granularity taking into account:  

  • Feedstock prices
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Catalysts and chemicals
  • Labour
  • Maintenance
  • Export taxes
  • Transportation costs

Argus FMB employs 47 dedicated personnel who liaise with the market every day to compile unique insights on freight, global markets, feedstocks and fundamentals. Experts in key locations, such as Russia and China, offer unique transportation data.

Argus FMB is an extension of your company’s analysis team. Users can validate internal curves against ours and talk to our consultants to understand any differing opinions.

Updated every six months, the ammonia and urea cost assessments are calculated following a market appropriate methodology.

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