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Argus FMB Cost and Margin Service

Argus FMB’s extensive research history and feedstock expertise allows analysis down to site level and a high level of price granularity taking into account:  

  • Feedstock prices
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Catalysts and chemicals
  • Labour
  • Maintenance
  • Export taxes
  • Transportation costs

Argus FMB employs 47 dedicated personnel who liaise with the market every day to compile unique insights on freight, global markets, feedstocks and fundamentals. Experts in key locations, such as Russia and China, offer unique transportation data.

Argus FMB is an extension of your company’s analysis team. Users can validate internal curves against ours and talk to our consultants to understand any differing opinions.

Updated every six months, the ammonia and urea cost assessments are calculated following a market appropriate methodology.

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Argus Consulting Services has over 30 years of experience in fertilizers and chemicals, providing effective consultancy services for producers, buyers, investors, banks, governments and multilateral agencies.