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Argus European Benzene Forward Curves

Argus European Benzene Forward Curves is a service bringing transparency to the petrochemical markets.

Benzene prices are renowned for being volatile and hard to predict, and there is a clear need for price visibility in this complicated market.  Risk management tools can lock in margins and can give market participants a longer price guarantee. A forward curve is a financial tool which is able to assist with forward planning.

What are forward curves?

Forward curves provide an insight into future prices and can be used as a guide to the fixed price element of a futures contract. It can be used as an indication of the current market expectations of how benzene prices will change over time. 

 Download the benzene forward curve infographic

How does Argus DeWitt create the forward curve?

Argus DeWitt uses an algorithm to independently indicate today’s best approximation of future prices. It is devised by using a combination of recent benzene prices and forward prices of relevant related commodities, such as naphtha, gasoline and crude oil, and is updated daily.

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