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Argus DeWitt Olefins Services

Keep up to date with the latest market trends in olefins and derivatives with Argus DeWitt’s in-depth coverage.

Our expertise through the whole production chain ensures you stay on top of key feedstock prices and related markets as well as operational issues and production economics.

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Argus DeWitt Butadiene
Weekly global contract and spot pricing information for butadiene and its derivatives

Argus DeWitt Butadiene Outlook
Monthly rolling global 13-month price forecast for butadiene

Argus DeWitt Ethylene
Bi-weekly global contract and spot market prices for ethylene, polyethylene and major derivatives

Argus DeWitt Olefins Outlook
A 13-month rolling price forecast for ethylene, polyethylene and PVC

Argus DeWitt Polymers
Supply/demand, trade and capacity for polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene

Argus DeWitt Propylene
Bi-weekly global contract and spot market prices for propylene, polypropylene and acrylonitrile

Argus DeWitt C5 and Hydrocarbon Resins
The only publication providing specialized price data and trade pattern analysis for thefull range of C5 and hydrocarbon resins products

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Now re-launched!

The newly revamped report provides contract and spot pricing for benzene and major derivatives, as well as detailed market analysis.

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Argus has published an outlook for the European LPG market in 2014.


Russian and US exports together with Brazil's import surge and regional petrochemical demand will set the pace for the European LPG market in 2014.

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