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New China content available in Argus Direct

Argus Direct is the premium online platform for accessing news, analysis, charts and prices. 

Subscribers can now benefit from instant access to key Chinese fundamentals data and incorporate the following data sets into their own models, to get a detailed picture of Chinese oil demand:

Crude imports and apparent oil demand 

Chinese crude imports have overtaken the US and set a fresh record in April. China does not release stock data, but monthly “apparent demand” — production plus net imports — quantifies its effect on global oil markets.

Refinery runs and shutdowns planned 

Essential for working out the crude balance, these data are uploaded around the first week of each month and show how much crude China is currently processing. A second tab details current and planned crude unit maintenance.

Crude storage capacity 

Argus’ unique survey of Chinese crude storage capacity is regularly uploaded with progress updates and revised timeframes for tank farms under construction.

China refinery expansions

Argus surveys of the more-than 4mn b/d of refining capacity still planned in China are updated quarterly and published alongside analysis of the expansion timeframe.

China refinery throughputs and output

A time series data set breaking down crude runs through Chinese refineries and the products slate they produce.

China: gasoline and diesel prices

A time series of government-set refinery and retail prices for key transport fuels gasoline and diesel — updated as they are adjusted by top economic planning body, the NDRC.

China power output

A key component of the famous “Li Keqiang Index”, Chinese electricity output gives an alternative take on economic activity to conventional GDP data.

Apparent gas demand

Gas demand in China is still growing at over 9pc/yr but a slowdown in growth is affecting the outlook for imports. Demand — production plus imports — data are updated monthly with imports broken down by country of origin.

About Argus Direct

Argus Direct is fully customisable and provides access to:

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