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Argus introduces new wax assessments

Argus Global Waxes provides comprehensive market coverage and analysis of the international wax market during a time of major structural changes.  Global petroleum wax prices have been driven by the supply and demand balance of their own market in recent years and have been more resilient to the volatility in the crude and base oil markets. 

Reduced Group I base oil production has tightened global petroleum wax supply and caused buyers to look for alternative supply sources in other regions and wax segments, such as synthetic and natural waxes.

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Assessments added includes robust price coverage in the largest regional wax market:

  • Monthly spot price assessments in Asia-Pacific for Chinese fully- and semi-refined paraffin waxes and Thai feedstock slack wax 
  • Europe assessments for fully-refined low-, mid- and high-melt paraffin wax and slack wax in April 2016.
The new assessments supplement the US spot prices for fully-refined paraffin and slack waxes and provide insight into the differing prices dynamics in the major regional markets.

Published monthly, Argus Global Waxes provides key insights into the transitioning wax market with a combination of domestic price assessments and extensive fundamentals coverage. It is the only true global wax report published by a price reporting agency, embedding regional markets into a global context. 

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