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EPA withdraws Clean Power Plan guidelines

3 Apr 2017, 7.40 pm GMT

EPA withdraws Clean Power Plan guidelines

Washington, 3 April (Argus) — The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today withdrew a proposed framework to help states comply with the Clean Power Plan to reduce CO2 emissions, days after President Donald Trump told the agency to reconsider the rule.

The proposed federal framework would have offered states a "model rule" they could use to set up emissions trading programs to meet their Clean Power Plan targets.

EPA also withdrew its Clean Energy Incentive Program, intended to encourage states to achieve CO2 emissions reductions before the Clean Power Plan targets take effect. It would have allowed states to award early-action credits to eligible renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, which would be matched by EPA.

Because EPA had not finalized the proposals, the agency does not need to go through the lengthy rulemaking process to withdraw them, as it would with the overall regulation.

Last week, Trump directed the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan and decide whether to repeal or revise it. The overall regulation would require each state's power sector to meet CO2 targets for 2022-2030.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt last week told the states that they no longer needed to work on their plans, since the agency and the courts still need to decide the future of the CO2 regulations. Many states had ceased working on their compliance plans when the US Supreme Court put the rule on hold in February last year.


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